10 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy

10 Ways to Make Sex Feel Great for Your Husband

10 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy

Romance is in the air–or, if it’s not at your house, maybe you can sprinkle it there! Because Valentine’s Day lands on a Top 10 Tuesday for my blog, I was debating what I should write about. And then it came to me.

Yesterday I was challenging those of us in good marriages not to be THAT wife–that wife who waits for him to sweep her off of her feet, or who waits for him to do just the right thing so she’s not disappointed. I challenged us to make sure our husbands felt loved this Valentine’s Day, too. Then I remembered something else.

I have a lot of posts on this blog on how to make sex feel great for HER (or for you, really!). And it makes sense, because let’s face it: usually, when you’re making love, no matter what you do he ends up satisfied in bed, while often you’re left unsatisfied. So it seems we women need more help in that department.

But just because he’s often satisfied doesn’t mean that we can’t turn up the notch and make sex feel even better!

So today let’s talk about that–10 tips for making your husband feel satisfied in bed

Note: this is going to be a technical post. I’m going to say words I don’t say too often on this blog. But I think women want this kind of help, and we certainly don’t want to go to Google for it.

So I hope you all understand if I get a little more descriptive today, as I try to help YOU make him feel amazing. I’ll still try to be tasteful! And I know many single women are here on this blog to learn things about marriage.

I’d recommend leaving this post until you are married, because it is very explicit!  Here goes–how to make your husband have a great time in bed:

1. Change positions for different stimulation

In some positions you’ll feel tighter, which will be nice for him. In some he’ll be able to go deeper. In some he’ll be able to feel other parts of you more easily (which he may really ).

If, for your own pleasure, you need to be in one position to climax, that’s okay! Just start in a different position, and then switch later. (If you want a fun, non X-rated book on different positions, the Sock Monkey Kama Sutra is hilarious. And it will make you guys laugh.

And hey, they’re just sock monkeys). Now here are two particular positions that can really help:

2. Put your legs up higher

One of the things that feels amazing as a guy is to be able to thrust in as deeply as possible. In the missionary position, if you put your legs up on his shoulders, this gives him the ability to thrust a lot more.

(Please, get comfortable first! And if this hurts, then DON’T do it.

) If he’s in more of a kneeling position, you can even just put your legs up around his waist for a similar effect that may be easier to maintain (keeping your legs up that high for that long can sometimes make them fall asleep).

3. Climb on top of your husband and take the pressure off

I’m not talking about taking physical pressure off. I mean taking psychological pressure off. When you’re the one on top, you’re more in control.

In other positions, he’s the one doing the moving, and chances are he’s thinking about what he needs to do to make you feel good.

In this position, you have most of the power, so you can think about satisfying him without him worry about satisfying you. He can literally lie back and enjoy it! (Also, he can use his hands in more interesting ways.)

4. Squeeze him

This one he will LOVE! Do you know how to do a Kegel exercise? That’s where you squeeze your vaginal muscles to learn how to control them. If you’re not sure what those muscles are, they’re the same ones that you would use to cut off the flow of urine.

You can do those exercises periodically, squeeze 5 times every time you’re at a stop sign, for instance. Anyway, if you can learn how to use those muscles, then when he starts getting super excited, and close to climax, start squeezing him inside you rhythmically.

It’ll put him over the top!

Take the ultimate challenge!

Super fun, super easy, and super sexy!

8 dares she takes the lead on. 8 he takes the lead on. 

8 you both do together!

Take your sex life to new heights…

Speaking of squeezing, in certain positions ( when you’re on top) and your hands are free and more able to reach things, try putting gentle pressure on his testicles.

You have to be careful with this one, and it depends on your man, but many guys enjoy this.

You’ll have to ask him to teach you, and the pressure that he wants may vary depending on how close he is to climax. But ask him!

6. Have a quickie

Here’s another one to take pressure off! Every now and then, have sex just to see how fast he can be satisfied. The benefits? He can totally just enjoy you. And YOU get to see how powerful you really are.

7. Take it nice and slow–break up the pleasure

But for real pleasure, drag it out. Here’s how it works best. Think of your guy as having three stages during making love: getting going, super excited, and then transitioning to almost reaching climax. Learn how to identify each of those three stages. Then, when he’s almost at the transitioning stage, stop making love and switch positions or slow things right down.

There are several ways to handle this: Order him to stop moving. Make him stop, and he’ll ly almost want to cry. Now ask him to tell you what he wants to do. That will be exquisitely frustrating for him. Then, when you think he’s had enough, let him move again. Repeat as often as you ! YOU keep moving.

You can also tell him he can’t move while you get to move. Work things so they feel great for you, but not necessarily as intense for him. Then you can let him move again for a bit. Switch positions. When he seems super excited, stop, take a breather, and switch positions. This makes the immediate stimulation go down a bit and drags everything out.

When you drag things out, then when he finally does climax it’s even more intense.

To make sex awesome, try to use as many senses as possible. Use hearing! Whisper in his ear (whispering is really sexy). Even tell him in detail what you’re enjoying that he’s doing. And don’t forget to use his name! Hearing his own name coming from you, when he’s in the midst of incredible pleasure, is even more erotic because it’s so personal.

9. Leave the lights on–or give a bit of a show!

Speaking of senses, don’t forget to let him see you! Try starting out wearing something really lacy and revealing. Or leave the lights on so that he can enjoy watching you while you make love.

10. Let him see your face when you reach climax

Finally, here’s the most intense. It’s not intense physically. It’s intensely personal, and that actually makes us feel much closer emotionally, which translates into more intense making love sessions. Let him actually see your face when you climax. Even look in his eyes.

When we release the oxytocin “bonding” hormone when we make love, we feel so close. And when you can look right at him at that moment, it’s almost imprinting with geese. You know how baby geese will think the first thing they see moving is its mother? Well, the thing that we see when we make love is what we’re more drawn to.

So let him see your face. It’s really vulnerable and can even seem awkward. But it draws you together so much. So there you go–10 tips to make your husband super satisfied in bed.

I hope they help, and I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day! And if sex has mostly been about you, and you are trying to work up the desire to focus more on his pleasure, check out my post on that topic here!

Any other tips? Leave them in the comments–but tastefully, please.

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10 simple ways to make your husband happy

10 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy

We've all heard the saying, “happy wife, happy life,” but it goes the other way around as well. You love your husband to the moon and back – of course you want to make him happy! And you'll be glad to know that you don't have to make any grand gestures, because it's the simple and small things that make your sweetheart happy.

1. Say more than just “I love you”

The next time you are about to say those three words, make him feel extra happy by expanding your sentiment with one simple change. Instead of just saying, “I love you,” say “I love you because… ” This is a great way to show you love him rather than just telling him you love him.

2. Send him a text the blue

In the middle of the day, send him a love bomb text message when he least expects it. Be sweet and say something , “I'm so lucky to have you in my life,” or spice it up and say something “I want to be in your arms.”

3. Remember his favorites

Remembering your husband's favorite things can go a long way. Put on his favorite movie tonight or put on his favorite music while you both get ready for bed. Suggest going out for his favorite dessert or a night in, just watching his favorite show. There are so many ways to let him know you're thinking of him by remembering his favorite things.

4. Introduce him with a compliment

You probably normally say, “This is my husband” when it comes to introductions. Instead, put a smile on his face by adding a compliment to the normal introductions. You could say something , “This is my wonderful husband,” or even “my handsome husband.”

5. Show affection after a long day

When you see him after a long day of being apart, show a little more affection than you normally do. Smooch it up, hug it out and tell him how much you missed him.

6. Give him a massage

I've never known anyone who'd say no to a nice foot rub or back massage. Not only is it a great way to serve your spouse, but physical touch (even as simple as a neck rub) is a great way to make your husband feel loved.

7. Plan a fun date night

Married couples can get comfortable with each other to the point where a real, planned-out date is a rare occurrence. So take some time to make date plans and take your hubby out for a fun night together. Your mister will appreciate the time and effort you put into a well-planned date.

8. Think before you speak

It's an unfortunate truth that the people we're closest to are also the people we insult the most. You can probably remember a time you spoke before thinking and consequently hurt your husband's feelings. If you want to make an effort to make him happy, simply be more cautious with your words.

9. Tell him 'thank you'

Spouses do so much for each other every day, but we often neglect to show our gratitude for their hard work. So tell him thank you for the big and small things he does every day.

10. Surprise him with tickets

Think about the music, plays, sports teams and movies your husband enjoys and buy him tickets an event or showing. You can make him extra happy by making the purchase secretly and surprising him with the tickets. If you both are watching your budget, make tickets for an extra 15 minutes of snuggling or a ticket for the chance to sleep in on a Sunday, redeemable whenever he chooses.

Make an effort to put a smile on your sweetheart's face every day and remind him why you love him so much. Maybe he'll even return the favor for you.

Source: https://www.familytoday.com/relationships/10-simple-ways-to-make-your-husband-happy/

Husbands Want Way More Than Just Sex From Their Wives

10 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy

It's no surprise that sex is super important to men. Most times, men will admit that it's number one on their list for what they want in a marriage and research suggests that men do tend to have higher sexual desire than women. However, many men have other desires outside of sexual relations or emotional needs.

Husbands don't always ask their wives for what they want, but many of them have thoughts and feelings that they keep to themselves.

For instance, some men feel a sense of responsibility to take care of their wives financially, even if she earns more or you worked out a dual-income contribution to the household.

 This example creates pressure that affects the relationship, so understanding his inner world will open you up to a world of understanding and opportunity.

While sex remains very important for most men, many simply want to experience more affection. Whether it's holding his hand in public, leaving a love message on his voicemail, or massaging his shoulders—showing that you care about him through actions of fondness will touch his heart.

Try different ways to demonstrate how much you care about him by being warm.

Simple things you can do include telling him how much you love him, cheering him on when he's feeling doubtful, and telling him you're sorry when things go wrong.

You can always go ahead and give him an unexpected kiss or a little flirtation, too. Experiment with romantic and emotional affection to see what really makes him feel whole.

Many men think it's important for them to protect and provide for those they love. Let your husband know that you believe in his talents and skills and are supportive of him. Your encouragement is the most meaningful of anyone.

The most crucial thing you can do is make your man feel a man and not a little boy. Test what makes him tick by giving him a little control (as you are comfortable).

For instance, you could try letting him order for you the next time you go out to eat or put him in charge of directions.

Little things this develop trust between you two and give him a sense of responsibility in the relationship.

Men want to know that you “get” them and research suggests that feeling understood is an important part of a good relationship. They are often more logical and to problem solve. This has a value and creates a balance between the women who are generally more emotional and in touch with their feelings.

One of the ways you can both show that you understand each other is by making a commitment to talk daily together. Plan a daily dialogue exercise where you take 20 minutes to ask each other positive questions. This could include things about what attracts you to one another, your favorite date together, or what your partner's favorite quality is.

Most guys to be patted on the back. One way to do this is by complimenting your husband often. Rather than over-doing it, make sure it's genuine and sporadic throughout the week. Do simple things :

  • Let your husband know you appreciate how hard he works.
  • Thank him for how he takes care of the family.
  • Tell your husband how good he looks in that shirt.
  • Kiss him and tell him you really admire him as a person.

We all want to be accepted for who we are and don't want others to try to change us. Men are often hurt and angered when their wives try to change them, in particular. If it concerns their health and safety, it's understandable, but superficial characteristics aren't necessary to bring up.

You can show how much you accept your husband for who he is right now by:

  • Seeing his flaws and loving him anyway.
  • Learning how we can accept ourselves so we can accept our husbands.
  • Getting comfortable with being different from our partner.
  • Committing to agree to disagree in arguments.
  • Letting go when it comes to different activities, opinions, or politics.

If your husband is tired, involved with a project, or just generally isn't up for a chat, don't push it. Women can be especially chatty sometimes, so it's important to carve out time to talk with your husband. Consider expressing yourself in additional ways to your friends, other family members, or through alternative ways art, journaling, and online forums.

You definitely don't want a relationship where you never talk. Communication is important, so when you really want to chat and get intimate, check in with him to see if he's up for it. If he's busy, you may need to schedule some time with him so you two can get back on track.

Creating a loving and memorable marriage starts with respect. One of the best ways a wife can show her husband that she loves and respects him is by actively listening to him when he talks, and not interrupting.

You can also demonstrate respect by:

  • Avoiding making any negative comments about his thoughts and opinions.
  • Being considerate of his upcoming plans.
  • Opting not to use the “eye roll” when you disagree with him.
  • Generally being positive, thankful, and considerate of his wants and needs.

Almost everyone has a desire for some quiet time alone, and a moment to re-energize, regroup, and reconnect with themselves.

When your husband first gets home from work, you can give him this space by allowing him to unwind without any chatter or questions. On his days off, be mindful of his schedule by not planning too many activities. If you really want to do something with your husband on the weekend, consider picking one day on the weekend, or making plans every other weekend.

Trust is vital to the success of any relationship. Couples build trust in healthy relationships by being honest with each other, communicating often, and learning how to fight fairly. It takes time to build trust. Over the years, you two will learn how to keep promises, be yourself, and show how much you love and appreciate each other.

If you're having doubts about your husband and find it difficult to trust him, seek counseling and don't engage in activities infidelity or spying.

Hopefully, you can say that your husband is not only your lover but also your friend. Staying friends and companions throughout the years require that you find ways to make quality time to be together and have new experiences.

Marrying your best friend also means being mindful of how you talk to each other, not taking him for granted, and making small sacrifices to please each other. Practice using kind words, show your gratitude for him daily, and choose to watch his favorite local sports game instead of your go-to show.

Thanks for your feedback!

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15 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy Every Day-elationshiptips4u

10 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy

Need to make your husband happy? genuinely happy? It’s about time!  A blissful marriage is doable. Yes! Even in the 21st century. You are cable of a long-lasting, blissful, engaging, awesome marriage. You deserve it!  It’s about time you salvaged your marriage! Be that oasis in the desert.

photo by Joel Carter on pexels.com

Imagine being the wife of a royal, successful, loving, and happy husband. It all starts with you. It’s doable! You can do it! You should do it! Here’s how you do it!

#1 Change Your Attitude!

Attitude is leadership! To lead your marriage to a blissful place, you’ll have to change your attitude first! That’s  what  Sheila Wray Gregoire  encourages  in her book “Nine Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage: Because a Great Relationship Doesn’t Happen by Accident”

If you keep approaching matters the same way you did yesterday, your tomorrow will, unfortunately, be your yesterday. Same old, same old, just a different day! Boring is an understatement. Next time you get into a fight with your better half, try using a different approach.

Say you’re used to giving him the silent treatment for a week or so after a fight. Try changing that approach! Instead, talk to him immediately. You can talk about something you both agree on. It’s never that serious! Relax! Remember a happy husband is worth swallowing your pride and ego for.

#2 Be Blissful!

Wow! To make your husband happy every day, you’ll have to be happy first! It’s a win-win scenario for both of you. Either way, you both win! You end up happy. Isn’t that what you want? To be happy with a happy husband asks Darien B. Cooper. His thought-provoking book ” You Can Be the Wife of a Happy Husband: Discovering the Keys to Marital Success ” is a must-read.

So, what makes you happy? What takes away the everyday pressures of life for you? What’s yours to go to an activity, the one that sends shivers down your spleen? Do that more. Go for hiking, adventures, hang out with your girls (you could consider doing a girls trip to J  ). Whatever you do, be happy. Stay Happy!

photo by Leah Kelly on pexels.com

#3 Compliment him! It will Make Your Husband Happy Every Day

A genuine, kind word is worth a fortune!  Are you on a mission to make your husband happy? Complimenting him will smoothen and bliss things up. Kathi Lipp in her bestselling book  “101 Simple Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him” Advices women to compliment their husbands and brag about them in social media.

“Compliments help boost his self-esteem and ego concurrently,” says Nathaniel Barnett.  Find something new to compliment him on every day. Appreciate your God-given man! Make your marriage a blissful haven by complimenting him daily. A dose of daily compliments will create a husband happily, and a happy husband equals a happy wife and marriage.

#4   Ears and eyes on him!

You know how great it feels when you got all his attention?  When he is ravishing you and spoiling you the darling you are. Well, reciprocate that! Give him all your attention when you’re with him. Let every second of every day count! Lance Armstrong in his book “Every Second Counts “ will help you understand your man better”.

You’re probably thinking “It’s the 21st century! When are you going to do your 2 shifts and give your hubby the attention he deserves? Sounds too much work, yes? No! You need to keep your priorities in check woman! Your work won’t take care of you when you’re bedridden. Your hubby will!

Maximize and optimize the time you spend together. Look into each other’s eyes when talking; give him that much-needed attention when you’re with him. A happy husband will then be inevitable. Remember, quality matters!

photo by Josh Willink on pexels.com

#5 Get kinky in the sheets

Submit woman! Submit!  Let yourself go when you’re making love. Enjoy this God-given gift to the maximum! Be willing to submit to his desires. It’s either you do it in this world, in this lifetime or never! The decision is yours. The wise move, however, is doing it in this lifetime, says James Francis Byrnes in his book “All in one lifetime”.

You’re probably cursing the stretch marks, cellulitis and ‘misplaced’ fats your husband will have to see, yes? Well, this is where ‘for better or worse’ comes in. Worry not! He’ll love you in spite of them. If you’re being kinky and submissive, he won’t be looking at that anyway.

#6 Be the woman he fell in love with

Yes! Change is inevitable. But you don’t have to lose yourself in it. Say you used to cook his meals every day. You’ve however had to take up another shift @ work, hence won’t be able to cook. How do you handle such a change?

You were a size 6 during your wedding.  Now, you’re size 10 thanks to changing times. How do you handle such changes and still be you? According to Stormie Omartian, it’s completely possible. Her book “The Power of a Praying® Wife Devotional” guides women on this. Think Compromise!

You are a beautiful woman inside out! Don’t lose what makes you human, what made you stand out in his eyes. A beautiful soul will always be beautiful despite the outside pressures of life! Stay beautiful inside!

photo by Artem Beliaikin

#7 Support his ambitions and Dreams

This is another win-win scenario. You’re in his ambitions and dreams. When he succeeds, you succeed. That ’s teamwork. Start by acknowledging his goals. You can make some together if he hadn’t identified them yet.  Get to know his dreams and long-term visions.

According to  Cindi McMenamin being a cheerleader of his ambitions and dreams is how you end up making your husband happy. His well-researched book advises women to believe in their man’s dreams and goals.

Cheer him on concurrently focusing on your individual goals and dreams. In case of any conflicting goals or uncertainty in long-term visions, discuss them freely.

You don’t need an answer right away so don’t fight over it!

#8 Be a Friend and it will make your Husband Happy 

Who’s a true friend according to him? What’s his definition of a best friend? Find that out and be it! Best friends make blissful marriages! Listen to him, cheer him on, don’t use the information he told you in confidence against him and most importantly, be yourself when you’re with him.  Make him your best friend too.  You’re blessed and fortunate to have met someone who loves you and got your back.

Having a man who’s your confidant, lover and best friend will certainly mean a happy marriage. Try it! Your marriage will thank you!

photo by rawpixel.com


You know how you’re saving up for old age? How you’ve been eating healthy, exercising and investing in your future? That’s how you start investing in your man! Together, invest in each other’s future.  Say he has a goal he’d to achieve by the end of 3months, help him achieve it by investing in it.

He wins you win, remember? If he’d to lose a couple of pounds, work out with him, cook or order in healthy food. Research on “losing weight the healthy way” and share the knowledge with him.

Don’t get obsessed with it though says, C. Elias.

Check out his book Healthy Eating Tips to Lose Weight Naturally: Learn how to Eat Healthy, Lose Weight Naturally, and discover over 30 Healthy Food Tips for Life!for more healthy living tips.

Invest in his dreams, goals, and aspirations and you’ll have yourself a happy husband every day. When you don’t agree on some things, voice them out. Discuss, agree, and then settle on something that works great for the both of you.


You feel great whenever you feel needed, yes?  Then you understand why you need to need you, man!  Needing him emotionally, spiritually, sexually, physically, financially and mentally is what Helen B. Andelin – recommends.  Having counseled and salvaged several marriages.

I highly recommend you read her through provoking book fascinating Womanhood: How the Ideal Woman Awakens a Man’s Deepest Love and Tenderness. It is full of tips that will assist you greatly.

Needing your man does not, however, mean you become lazy! Strike a balance between needing him and being your own person.  Be capable of buying him a gift yet needing him to balance your financial life together, get it? Need and want him but still have a life and career of your own.

Don’t forget who you are! A strong, go-getter, beautiful woman!

photo by pexels.com

#11 Respect his decisions

“Respect is earned, not demanded!” Know that famous quote? Well, try implementing it in your marriage! Earn that respect by being a respectable woman.  Respect his decisions and he will respect yours! He’s a grown ass man! Respect the fact that he can make his own decisions, Tony Evans  says this  in his book “For Married Women Only: Three Principles for Honoring Your Husband”

Behind every respectable man, there is a woman respecting him. You’re not his mother! Quit acting one!  Instead, acknowledge the fact that he can make his own decisions and RESPECT that!  Respect your man if you want him to respect you. Live an exemplary life! You won’t regret it! When his decision doesn’t make sense to you, find an amicable way of communicating this.

#12 Be spontaneous!

Having a routine is good. It helps in being disciplined and focused. However, if you want, need to make your husband happy, spontaneity is a must! Surprise him at work with his favorite takeout. Have some crazy make-out session in the car at night in some parking lot. Ask him out on a date and make it stand out!

Be different, at least every once in a while. Laura Doyle in her book “The Empowered Wife: Six Surprising Secrets for Attracting Your Husband “ advises women to embrace spontaneity and think outside the box. You married the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. This is the rest of your life! Start enjoying it right away!

photo on pexels.com

#13 Give him space!

Space is healthy! This is especially so in a long-term relationship. You should learn to give your man some breathing space. In The “Great Alone”: A Novel by Kristin Hannah women are reminded to stop being all over their man’s space. Let him breathe a little.

You don’t have to go out together every-time. Give him some days “off” to reconnect with his fellow mates.  It’s Ok if he sometimes locks himself up in the study or garage. Let him be! Learn to be in a relationship at the same time independent. Grant your husband his alone time. He’ll forever thank you blissfully.

#14 Forgive!

Learn to focus on your marriage rather than on the negative decision your hubby made. Whenever he drives you crazy, remember; this is just a situation! Your marriage is more important. If he’s truly sorry for the deed, forgive him! Yes, it’s that simple says, Laura Doyle.

Avoid keeping grudges for long periods. You’re hurting, he’s hurting, and your marriage is hurting so what’s the point? Acknowledge the mistake, discuss it, give him the chance to apologize, then together, figure out ways he will avoid hurting you the same way in the future then forgive!

See a counselor if you’re dealing with issues of adultery or abuse and are willing to forgive him.

# 15 Be, intimate-Pray together!

A prayer a day keeps the devil away, they say! Prayers in a marriage bring more intimacy! Still wondering? Yes, it does! Together in prayers thank God for your marriage and ask him to bless your husband and all his endeavors. This shows your husband the affection and the goodwill you possess.  A happier man who believes her wife cares so much about their marriage will boost his ego and increase his love.

In conclusion,

Nothing is impossible!  You are fully equipped and capable of making your husband happy every day. Implement the above 15 steps in your marriage today and watch your marriage transform. You deserve a great, blissful marriage and husband every day!

You must be willing and have the required resilience to succeed. As a woman, you have the power to build or destroy your home. Be the best version of yourself in your marriage and happiness will always be yours for the taking.

Source: https://relationshiptips4u.com/15-ways-make-husband-happy-every-day/

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