Fun Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day

National Friendship Day – August 2, 2020

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day

National Friendship Day occurs every year on the first Sunday of August — August 2, 2020 — and celebrates the importance of loving platonic relationships.

Friendships are the purest type of human relationships.

For more than a century, we’ve celebrated the strength of friendship, and thanks to social media, we’re able to continue celebrating with our friends no matter where they are in the world.

Humans are the most social beings on earth: we need to relate to others, just as Abraham Maslow exposed in his Hierarchy of human needs.

Our sociological needs motivate our behavior, encouraging us to make interpersonal relationships and connect with others on a deeper level.

With such a huge need for human connection with people other than our significant other, it’s no wonder that we celebrate an entire holiday the importance of friendship.

National Friendship Day was originally a marketing strategy for Hallmark Cards in the 1930s.

Founder Joyce Hall designated the day would take place on August 2 and decided it would be a day to celebrate the people closest to you — and send them a card or two in the process.

It soon became a bigger deal than originally planned when the 1935 U.S. Congress pronounced the first Sunday of August as National Friendship Day. 

The holiday continued gaining popularity, and in 1998 the United Nations named Winnie the Pooh as the world’s Ambassador of Friendship. In 2011, during their 65th session, the U.N. designated July 30 International Friendship Day.

Nowadays, we celebrate National Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. Thanks to advancements in technology, it is easier to get in touch with friends, to share, and to be thankful for them.

This August 2, celebrate the lover you create and share with the family that you chose — the friends who get you through hard times and cheer you on during your most successful moments.


The World Friendship Crusade proposed July 30 as the World Friendship Day to foster a culture of peace through friendship.


The U.S. Congress proclaims the first Sunday of August as National Friendship Day, highlighting the valuable role that friends play in our lives.


As a marketing strategy to increase the sales of greeting cards, Hallmark Cards establishes and commercializes the holiday.


The “Greeting Cards National Association” started promoting the idea of Friendship Day, but customers just didn't buy it.

Let’s take a quick look at the calendar. Is today the first sunday of August? Well, we’re all in luck! It just so happens to be National Friendship Day.

National Best Friends Day lands on June 8 every year. The perfect summer holiday, spend some time with your besties and post each other’s faces all over your social media.

Every year on October 3, we celebrate National Boyfriend Day. Partners all over the world celebrate the men in their lives who keep them on their toes and support them through all odds.

  1. Start the day by being thankful for the friends you have and embrace the feeling of being loved and spreading love. Whether you have a small group of close knit friends or a large group of besties, your friends are some of the most important people in your life.

  2. The best part of having friends is that you are never alone, especially nowadays that we are just one text away from our friends. Share memories and special moments on your social media to relive some of those early moments that solidified your friend group.

  3. There is no better way to celebrate National Friendship day than spending some time with your friends. Go out, cook together, have a long time video call, play together online, or go to someone’s house and do nothing!

  1. The Bible reflects friendship as the union that contributes to the foundation of human faith, trust, companionship, and teamwork.

  2. From Hannah Montana's “True Friend” to The Beatles “With a Little Help from My Friends” there are many anthems to celebrate our friends.

  3. The idea of honoring friendships was adopted by many countries in Asia in the 1950s, including China, Malaysia, and India.

  4. The main idea of National Friendship Day is to help to bridge the gaps between people of different ages, races, nationalities, and religions, and to help build strong communities.

  5. What better color to represent friendship than Yellow? The brightest and Happiest color is the best representation of what a healthy friendship can mean to us.

  1. Just any other human relationship, friendships can go through dark and difficult times. We all are different and it is ok to have arguments, but if it is a healthy relationship, we’re able to endure it and become stronger together.

  2. Union makes us stronger, so it is ok to admit that we can't go through difficulties alone. This day reminds us that if we’re feeling down, we can always share it with someone else and have company to get us through to better times.

  3. Friend groups are often made up of people stemming from multiple different backgrounds. Just by being friends with someone different than ourselves, we’re able to learn more about different backgrounds and break down any preconceived barriers.

Celebrate National Friendship Day!


Plan your Friendship Day

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day

Some plan it well in advance, some do it late. Some have a clear cut bend of mind, some confused. But the day comes just once in a year. So don't let any wish slip by. Celebrate and make your friend(s) feel the special way you feel for your friendship.

Need some ideas on how to celebrate Friendship Day? Here are some to let you opt for any or many of them.

  • Celebrating things together is the best idea to strengthen your friendship bond. So if you're fortunate on that count, freak out with food, fun and funky beats. A picnic is always a fun idea, and great for all ages. Invite your closest buddies over for a sleepover! Rent some movies and pig out on popcorn, chocolate and junk foods. Well, if you venture to do it yourself, try from the special recipes.
  • If you're physically-inclined, try an activity such as billiards, bowling, golf or even going to the beach or a theme park.
  • If you're all busy during the day, chill out at a dinner with your friend(s). Host a Friendship Dinner Party! If you , dress up in your finest or the weirdest and have a fun night that's different from the norm.
  • Write a nice card for your friend telling them how much you appreciate their friendship. Play the role of a humorist and share clean jokes with your friends. Spill out your heart to them as though there is no tomorrow.
  • If you want to reach and be remembered by your near and far away friends a the best thing is to dedicate the music or song of your common choice thru' a popular radio or TV program.Plan accordingly and book a slot in advance to avoid being left out due to a 'rush'.
  • And if you , go and enjoy to your choicest entertainment show, or to a much sought-after sports event, may be a football or baseball match to ride the crest of excitements.
  • Make a point to call every one of your friends on Friendship Day, and/or send a greeting to let them know how specially you bear them in your mind. (TIP: You can make a general card, send it to yourself, and then copy the URL of the card. Then mail the URL to all your friends together)
  • Grab a camera or visit a studio and take some photos of you and your friends enjoying yourselves!Buy or make them a small gift (you can get some great ideas from here) as a token of love and care.
  • Make a friendship poster by using your name and your friends' names and decorating it.
  • Draw a picture of your best friend.
  • Make friendship bracelets.
  • Make some cards for your friends.
  • Take group photo of your friends, then add bunny ears to the faces.
  • Pass this friendship message: post it in all social networking sites and your blogs.
  • Relive your old days by hitting a old joint together.
  • Discuss what makes a good friend.
  • What should you do to be a good friend?
  • Name all your friends. Plant some saplings and christen them with your friend's names.
  • Have a picnic with other kids and make new friends.
  • Find a pen-pal to be friends with.
  • Write some Friendly Poetry.
  • Gift saplings in a ready pot, with your friend's name as the plants name.
  • Send personalized gifts to your friends.
  • Have a group dinner with your friends, and if applicable, with together with respective families.
  • Build a personal website with friendship theme.
  • Connect to all your friends in social sites and dedicate them a page
  • Write a nice card for your friend telling them how much you appreciate their friendship. Spill out your heart to them as though there is no tomorrow.
  • Buy or make them a small present – flowers, chocolates, friendship bands, a cake, a dream catcher, friendship journal or anything that catches your imagination! Consider leaving the gift anonymously for added intrigue. Personalize it for your friend here.
  • Hug someone, preferably your friend, and have someone to shoot the moment.
  • Make a point to call every one of your friends on Friendship Day to let them know u care.
  • Make your friend a mixed CD of all the songs that define your friendship (or ones that you just happen to mutually ).
  • Submit a Friendship Tribute to your friend to be posted on the web.
  • Call all those old friends you haven't spoken to in ages. Remember the girl scout motto: “Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold”!
  • Make a special friendship book for your best friend. Include photos, quotes and poetry telling your friends how special they are.
  • Ring up a radio station and dedicate a song to Friendship Day and your friends!
  • Buy your friend a ticket to the theatre so you can enjoy a great show together Grab a camera or visit a photo machine and take some photos of you & your friends enjoying yourselves!
  • Give your friend a Friendship Bracelet (made or bought) to symbolise your friendship.
  • Make a friendship day craft from
  • Write your friend a webpage to express your friendship online. Find graphics to adorn your site from here.
  • Send one of these to as many friends as possible, requesting them to do the same, and build a friendship chain. Log on to


20 Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day
National Friendship Day is observed the 1st Sunday of August (this year it falls on August 4th, 2019), and there’s no better time to surprise friends with a token of appreciation. Whether you’ve known each other since preschool or only met a month ago, true friends are priceless and great relationships deserve celebration.

From small favors to grand gestures, this list has something for every friend. So, choose one, or combine two… unless you’re feeling adventurous enough to complete them all! 1. If you have a friend who’s a morning person, get up early and meet for a coffee together.

Or better yet, splurge on a full breakfast at their favorite restaurant.

2. Whether you keep up with friends on , , or Instagram, show some virtual love. Create an appreciation post on social media for everyone to see. (Note: It doesn’t have to be a simple written message.

Videos, memes, and pics are a great way to get creative!). Use #NationalFriendshipDay to encourage others to join in.

3. Do you have friendships that go way back? Recreate history by copying a photo from the good old days. Get your high school posse back together and create a “now” version of the final football game celebration or a special dance. Post the old and new versions of the pic on social media for a fabulous “then and now” moment for everyone to see.

4. Find the perfect gift. Presents aren’t only for birthdays. Search out something completely unique that shows you really know your bestie. One-of-a-kind crafted products are especially memorable.

5. Instead of taking a moment, plan a whole day. Plan ahead and schedule a day in August when you and your BFF can take a mental health day with zero outside responsibilities or interruptions.

6. The best gifts come from the heart and are made with your hands. Create something memorable that your friend will cherish for years matching jewelry or a painting.

7. Volunteering is not only a great way to meet new friends, but a fun and rewarding activity to do with your existing buddies. Find a cause you believe in and help out for a few hours. Giving back to your community releases endorphins and dopamine, often called the “helper’s high”, that positively alter your mental state, making an already great day even more enjoyable.

Listen on Wellness 3.0: Giving Back | Justin Kruger Podcast: Giving Back to Our Community On this Wellness 3.0 episode, Justin Kruger discusses the importance of giving back to the community, how volunteering changed his life, and how helping others improves your mental and social wellness. 8. Far away places create opportunities to remember the past or build new experiences that will make great memories for the future. Take a road trip that reminds you of your college days or travel someplace new with a friend you haven’t known as long.

9. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can still take a moment to show your appreciation. Plan a quick break together for coffee, or even better, an ice cream cone.

10. If you have friendships fondly remembered, it’s time to get back in touch. It’s common for friends to lose communication over the years of growing up. However, today’s technology makes it easier than ever to reconnect. Search social media to send a message to someone you haven’t contacted in a while.

11. Binge-watching is an activity best shared with friends. Find a Netflix series neither of you has seen, and watch the first season together. Make a pact to schedule time to finish the series together. If you’ve already watched The Office or Friends a thousand times, try a new original series coming to Netflix. Season 3 of Stranger Things and GLOW are coming soon!

12. Get tickets for two to an event your friend would never be willing to splurge for. Whether your friend is dying to see a new movie or has never been the country, you can make dreams come true on any level big or small. Sharing the event will make the experience even more special than going alone.

13. All friendships are familiar and comfortable, but unexpected activities are an exciting way to make new memories. Get your comfort zone and try something neither of you has done before.

14. Some people have a way with words. If you’re the type who has trouble expressing your feelings, send a card to your bestie sharing the way you really feel. (Fun fact: National Friendship Day was founded by Hallmark in 1919. Although it was ly founded just to sell cards, it has been officially recognized by the United Nations since 2011.)

15. If you’re a hometown hero with a large group of friends, plan a simple celebration to get the whole group together. Whether you choose a barbeque, a dinner party, or a restaurant get-together; be sure to schedule in advance so everyone’s included.

Fabriq: Communal by Nature | Amy Baglan 5 Simple Steps to Create Meaningful Conversation at Your Dinner Party Whether you live in a small apartment or you’re hosting a dinner party at a restaurant, this article will give you tips to have meaningful time with friends. There’s no need to be fancy or overdo it on the etiquette (unless you that sort of thing, of course!). 16. Youth is often a time filled with amazing dreams and experiences. If you were part of a high school rock band, reunite your band to share the music again. If you no longer play, instrument rentals are a good way to provide the missing tools for a special day. If you never played in a band, how about kareoke?

17. Over the years, your friends have probably helped you in more ways than you can ever repay. Write a list of all of the things they’ve done to make your life a better place to be.

18. In a time where people are always making “connections” through social media, many people feel more lonely than ever. Share the love by organizing an outdoor event at a public beach or park and invite strangers to become new friends. Advertise through flyers and social media to spread the word.

19. We all have tasks that we do especially well. Grant a favor to help a friend accomplish something they would ordinarily have to do alone. Cooking a meal or mowing the lawn can lift a burden from someone who is always busy. Offering help to someone without being asked is a touching way to show you care.

20. Celebrating friendships is something that shouldn’t only last for a day. Make it last. Download the Fabriq app to remind you when it’s time to reconnect and keep track of details that keep you close. In a busy world, it’s easy to forget the things that are truly important. Simple reminders are a great way to keep your priorities intact and live a happier healthier life.

The best thing about personal friendships is that they are completely unique. Use the ideas on this list and pass them along for others to enjoy.

Friendships aren’t only an enjoyable experience, they’re an important part of maintaining your overall health.

Whether your circle of friends is large or small, keeping it intact is a vital part of maintaining the happiness that makes you who you are.

Fulfilling relationships are scientifically proven to keep you happy and healthy — boosting your immunity and longevity. When you prioritize the people that matter most, even when life gets full, you naturally show up better for them and yourself.

Science-backed and the first of its kind, Fabriq is designed to improve your social health and make building better social habits easy, so you can focus on what (and who) really matters.


Top 5 Ideas for Celebrating International Friendship Day

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day

Wednesday, July 30 is International Friendship Day. I can't resist a good list or an excuse to celebrate. So I was curious: mindfulness and the psychology of flourishing, what would be my top five ideas for celebrating friendship? We all have so much to gain if we take a few moments our busy day and remind ourselves how much our friendships mean to us.

Why bother? Because every one of these exercises is so good for your well-being and that of your friends. How far this ripple effect continues could surprise you. It can even be good for people you may never meet!

You know without reading the research that friends are one of the things that make your life enjoyable and meaningful. You know that gorgeous warm feeling that you get when you connect with a friend — it's an inner glow is set in motion. Sometimes that warm feeling stays with you for the rest of the day — if you let it!

1: Take in the Good When you think of your friends, what comes up? Do you think of a recent annoying conversation you had or something you appreciate about them? Both responses would be completely understandable but guess which one does you the most good? Yep, focusing on the positive. This is not about glossing over any tension or disagreement.

Rather, it's saying that if you want to harness the power of positive emotions, deliberately looking for opportunities to “take in the good” of your friendships will solidly improve your well-being and resource you for the demands of your busy day.

The brain is Teflon for good and Velcro for bad so unless we consciously and mindfully make this choice, our brain is more ly to take us to the negative.

So, pause now, bring a friend to mind and reflect on what you appreciate about them. Let yourself feel good about that and let that feeling soak into your bones for 20-30 seconds.

Any single time you do this will make only a little difference. But over time those little differences will add up, weaving positive experiences into the fabric of your brain and your happiness.

(Rick Hanson introduced me to this idea during our interview for mindfulness4mothers).

2: Gratitude — express it. You know that friend you were just appreciating in your mind? Call them. Tell them. Better yet, write them a gratitude letter and read it to them.

I wrote about the power of this idea for Mother's Day letters,and it applies equally to well to friendships.

A woman in one my classes reluctantly did this exercise with her best friend and even though they both knew how she felt, they finished in a tearful hug that warmed them both.

3: Connection — foster it. Barbara Fredrickson offered an exercise in our mindfulness4mothers program that comes from her groundbreaking book Love 2.0 — a great resource for developing more connection with others.

This exercise invites people to reflect on their three longest interactions during the day, and to rate how close and “tuned in” they felt in all three. This simple reflection on “connection” raised people's positive emotions over time.

If we reflect on the quality of our interactions, we are more ly to value them and invest in them and this in turn enhances our well being.

4: Connect to a friend today. Call them, catch up, make a date to have lunch together. Really tune in and listen mindfully to what they have to say, without an agenda and notice your well-being rise.

Here are some fast facts from Emma Seppala of Stanford University to convince you to invest in your friendships.

  1. Strong social connection predicts greater mental well-being, health, faster recovery from disease and even longevity.
  2. When you smile at someone, mirror neurons activate their smiling micromuscles and they are more ly to smile at others.
  3. Low social connection is worse for us than smoking, obesity and high-blood pressure.

5: Give a Friend a Gift. As this Greater Good article outlines: It makes you feel happy, it's good for your health, it promotes connection and cooperation, it stimulates gratitude on both sides and it's contagious — you will get a good thing going for others in your community.

For our gift to you, email kellie@mindfulness4mothers.


9 Last-Minute Ways To Celebrate National Friendship Day With Your Ride Or Dies

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day

Attention all bestie squads out there: According to the National Day Calendar, the first Sunday in August marks National Friendship Day. If you completely missed adding this to your calendar, don't fret.

There's still time to put together a fun plan for you and your BFFs to celebrate the occasion. You were probably already planning on spending the weekend with your crew, but no plans were solidified quite yet.

Instead of hanging out at your typical spots, consider some last-minute ways to celebrate National Friendship Day in style.

I feel I don't know about all of these national days until people start posting on Instagram or the hashtag starts trending.

You would hate to completely miss the day altogether, but you might not have time to rally the whole squad for a weekend getaway. Instead of your typical Sunday brunch, you could spice things up.

Send out an invite in your group chat for one of these last-minute plans that you know everyone will be about.

When Sunday rolls around, you won't need to scroll through your phone for a throwback group selfie to post on the 'Gram, because you'll be out having fun with your favorite people. You can post a brand new snap with a caption , “Friends till the end” with #NationalFriendshipDay.

Old friends meeting up after long time for drinks and eating, talking about their memories. Girlfriends showing signs of affection, reliving beautiful moments from the past, being happy.Shutterstock

You ly have your typical brunch spots you go to every weekend, in addition to your favorite menu items. But this weekend is the perfect time to try something new.

Scroll through Yelp or your Instagram feed and find a new restaurant that speaks to your foodie soul. It could even be a place that has a boozy brunch with a mimosa flight (if everyone in the group is 21 or older), or a cute spot with a terrace that's perfect for pics.

On weekends throughout the summer, there's usually a cool flea or farmers' market going on.

If you're based in NYC, you could hit up Smorgasburg in Prospect Park to celebrate National Friendship Day and try some tasty new dishes. I also love the Melrose Trading Post in L.A.

that happens every Sunday. (My friend and I bought matching jean jackets the last time we went together.)

A simple last-minute thing to do could be heading to the park for an afternoon picnic. Stop by a corner bodega on the way and grab every snack your heart desires. Then spend the day soaking up the sun, eating, and playing games.

It's still summertime, so if it's super hot out, a pool day sounds a relaxing idea. If someone in your friend group has a pool, it's as easy as showing up in your swimsuit, but if no one in has access to a pool, you can always find hotels that have day passes. I highly recommend a rooftop pool day. Just don't forget your favorite pair of sunnies to snap all the selfies.

Rachel Chapman

Road trips are great for spontaneous adventures. All you need is a general idea of where you're going. The rest is in the journey. Get some snacks, a playlist of your fave songs, and drive someplace new just for the day. You could go to the beach or shopping at boutiques in a nearby town.

I don't know about you, but I'm always down for a movie night at home. It doesn't take a lot of planning, and can be the most fun. Order a pizza and put on your fave rom-coms. If you need some inspo, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants couldn't be a better choice to watch on National Friendship Day.

Have your very own movie moment by shopping at a vintage store and trying on fun outfits. Have your friends pick out outfits just for you to try on, and then you can do the same for them. Take turns modeling them in the dressing room, and get ready to strike your best pose.

Have a pampering day by getting manicures together. Grab a selfie of all of you sitting in a row getting your nails done. If there are no appointments available, give each other manicures at home and serve up some homemade mimosas.

Cheerful. Smile. Smiling Girl. Singing Songs. Beautiful Girls. Friends at Karaoke Club. Karaoke Club. Celebration. Waiting Men. Young People. Party Maker. Girls Sing. Trendy Nightclub. Have Fun.Shutterstock

One of my favorite things to do with my friends is karaoke. You can find a place that rents out private rooms, and sing to your heart's content. I highly recommend adding “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls to your queue because it's a classic jam.


Ideas on How to Rock Friendship Day – Your Friends Will Thank You!

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day

Updated February 15, 2017

Friendship Day is the first Sunday in August and helps us remember the positive friendships in our lives. Friendship Day celebrations can vary from small gifts and greetings to a night out on the town. Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate in your own way. 

Peathegee Inc/Getty Images

In today's world, we are all so busy that friendships sometimes take a back seat. Bring that friendship back to the forefront by taking a few hours your day to spend with your buddy. 

Choose an activity that allows you to catch up with each other and also have fun. This may be different for every set of friends. Some might enjoy a few hours at the coffee shop, others might want to try something they've never done (skydiving anyone?), while other friends might just want to splurge with a nice dinner out at a favorite restaurant.

Better yet, make friendship dates a regular priority with your friends.

Image courtesy of marin /

The spirit of Friendship Day is about honoring your pals, but that doesn't mean the gesture needs to be complicated or involved. Here are some ideas on how to let your friend know you are thinking of them:

  • Post a video link of a special song to their wall.
  • Tweet out a short note on why they are a great friend.
  • Write your friend a note on why their friendship means so much to you. Be specific. For example, rather than saying, “You're such a great friend,” say something , “I appreciate how much you help me out with the kids,” or “our Tuesday coffee nights are the best part of my week.”
  • Write out a few special memories on small pieces of paper, and put them all in a jar. Your friend can pull out a note each week. Or better yet, create a memory journal for them. It's easy to do.

ImagesBazaar/Getty Images

Giving an inexpensive gift is another way to celebrate Friendship Day. For this occasion, a small but thoughtful present can make an even greater impact than one that costs a lot of money. Some ideas on what you could give include:

  • A cherished picture of the two of you in a frame that they can keep on their desk or several old pictures of you in a digital frame. This is an especially good gift if your friendship has some history, since changing hairstyles alone are enough to bring about a smile (or cringe).
  • Your friend's favorite treat baked by hand and put in a box with tissue paper.
  • A friendship gift book.
  • An the box homemade gift with lots of thought put into it.

Friendship bracelets are a nice way to let a friend know you're thinking of them.Daniel Sheehan Photographers/Getty Images

Friendship bracelets are back in style for adults and kids a. Designer bracelets have even been spotted on the wrists of celebrities, which helps reinforce their versatile nature.

You can give your friend a high-end bracelet, create a fun one from scratch, or even use them in a variety of ways other than as jewelry. They are a thoughtful way to let a pal know you care on Friendship Day.

Celebrate Friendship Day all year.Monashee Alonso/Getty Images

The best way to celebrate Friendship Day is to keep the spirit of the day throughout the year.

Nurture your friendship continually, resolve conflicts quickly, and make sure you devote the time needed to make a friendship successful even when you're busy.

Friendship Day is a reminder that friends are an important part of a healthy, happy life, so carry that thought with you and let it show in your actions.


Fun ways to celebrate international friendship day

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day

Jul 30, 2019, 09:34 AM by Nuvision Credit Union 

Good friends are priceless. They're the ones who are always down to hang out and have fun but will also be the first to help and comfort you when hard times come.

Around this time of year, there are many opportunities to show your friends how much you care. Today, people all across the world celebrate friendships with International Friendship Day.

Here in the United States, we have an additional day to celebrate called National Friendship Day, which takes place on the first Sunday of August.

Whether you’re looking for something to do today or in the coming week, check out these fun ways to show your friends how much you appreciate them:


Go your way to do something your friend wouldn’t expect. Buy them tickets to see a show together, show up at their workplace or house with a gift, or spontaneously invite them over for a day of fun.

Adding the element of surprise can make whatever you have planned so much more exciting.

(Unless your friend isn’t a fan of surprises, in which case, you should probably steer clear and let them know well in advance.)

Spend some time together

There’s no better way to show you care than planning a get-together. Better yet—plan a get together doing something your friend enjoys! No matter what you do, enjoying some quality time together is a great way to strengthen your relationship and make new memories. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few places you could visit for a memorable day:

  • Balboa Island – Shopping, dining, and fantastic views—Balboa Island really has it all. If you want to get out on the sea, they offer a whale and dolphin watching cruise for just $20. If you’re traveling with a group of friends, you could rent a Duffy Boat, a small, easy to steer electric boat designed for small groups to hang out. 
  • Old Town Orange – For a true old-fashioned experience, Old Town Orange is the way to go. The shopping isn’t anything you’ll get in Orange County, with antique shops, specialty items, art galleries, you and your friend could have an amazing time picking out gifts for each other. Later in the day, stop for a bite at one of the many restaurants.  
  • Grab a drink – Sometimes the best way to rewind and catch up is with a drink. There’s some unique bars across the county, from the 80’s arcade styled Mission Control to the not-so-secret Anaheim speakeasy The Blind Rabbit, you can easily find somewhere suited to your friends personaliy.

Write a note

Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten note.

Whether you pick up a funny card at the store or write your message on the back of an index card, sharing something about how much the friendship means to you will be sure to make them smile.

They’ll probably hang onto the note for a while, since knowing you took the time to write it out makes it so much more meaningful. If the idea still seems too old fashioned, a text message or a post will do the trick.

Make them laugh

It feels wonderful when somebody cares enough to try and brighten your day. Even if it’s just something simple sending them a link to a funny video or meme, the gesture will be appreciated. Any small thing you do to improve their day and let them know they are on your mind will go farther than you think.

Get a small gift

It doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate, just something small and thoughtful.

Maybe you could find an old picture of the two of you and get it framed, pick up a treat from the grocery store, or find a small keepsake that reminds you of them.

Remember that less expensive, more personal gifts are often the ones cherished the most. For something more unique, these stoers are sure are full of one-of-a-kind treasures:

  • My-D Pins & Collectables – A treasure trove for Disney fanatics of all ages, this shop sells unique action figures, pins, and comics.
  • Roger’s Gardens – For friends who are more into nature and gardening, Rodger’s Garden is the place to go. They offer specialty food items, along with beautiful garden gifts and figurines.
  • Fullerton Photographics – Give your friend a gift they will treasure forever with custom prints and photographic artwork. Whether you want a photo of the two of you, or want to pick up some custom home décor, this is the place to be.

Give them a call

For long distance friends, spending time together in person might not be a possibility. But that doesn’t mean you’re options.

International Friendship Day is a great opportunity to reconnect—so pick up the phone and give them a call! You’ll enjoy reminiscing over the times you’ve spent together in the past and catching each other up on what’s currently going on in your lives.

You could even use this time to schedule dates for Facetime or video calls in the future, which is almost as good as hanging out in person.

Keep it going all year long

Live every day it’s Friendship Day! After all, your friends are there for you all year long, not just on this day. Friendships are stronger when you are continually trying to be the best friend you can and are always looking for ways to remind the people who are important to you how much they matter. 


2020 Friendship Day, How to Celebrate with Quotes, Tips & Fun Facts

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day

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Who's your BFF?

Friendship Day was first celebrated publicly in the US in 1935, when the first Sunday in August was proclaimed National Friendship Day.

Today, Friendship Day remains a tradition observed in many countries and cultures around the world, It is a time to celebrate our friends by recognizing that to have a good friend we must be a good friend.

When is Friendship Day in 2020?

Friendship Day is always celebrated on the first Sunday in August. This year it is celebrated on Sunday, August 2, 2020.

Ways to celebrate Friendship Day

Observing Friendship Day may often feature gifts and tokens of affection. or include special party get-togethers, or just warm declarations of how important friends are to us through thick and thin, good times and bad!

Besides expressing the love and respect you have for your friends, here are some ways to make Friendship Day an extra-special celebration:

  • Send out greeting cards or e-cards, or send small gifts of flowers or candy to brighten their day.

  • Plan a day out with friends, meet them for lunch or dinner, or treat them to a movie.

  • Invite all your friends over for a Friendship Day party – no need to wait for a birthday or holiday! Just make sure it's informal, where everyone can relax and enjoy each other's company.

  • Finally, renew old friendships by calling old friends to share a laugh, catch up on their lives, or to recall the good times you often had with them.

Recently moved to a new town or school? Learn how to make new friends by reaching out to people in your community while you remember the old saying: “Want a friend? Be a friend!”

to hear more famous quotes about friendship? Here are some of our favorites, along with our Top Ten songs for Friendship Day …

Favorite friendship quotes

“With every true friendship, we build more firmly the foundations on which the peace of the whole world rests.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

“The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You, too? Thought I was the only one.'” ~ C. S. Lewis

“Remember, no man is a failure who has friends.” ~ Clarence, in It's a Wonderful Life

“A good friend is a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have.” ~ Irish Proverb

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.” ~ Muhammad Ali

TOP TEN songs for Friendship Day

1. Bruno Mars, “Count on Me” 2. Rihanna, “Umbrella” 3. James Taylor, “You've Got a Friend” 4. The Beatles, “With a Little Help From My Friends” 5. Bill Withers, “Lean on Me” 6. Randy Newman, “You Got a Friend In Me” 7.

Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Gladys Knight, “That's What Friends Are For” 8. Bette Midler, “Wings Beneath My Wings” 9. Andrew Gold, “Thank You for Being a Friend”


The Rembrandts, “I'll Be There For You”

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