Rocking an Anniversary Band

Everything You Need To Know About Anniversary Ring

Rocking an Anniversary Band

Anniversary rings are as eternal as your love. They symbolize your vows and promise a lifetime of togetherness. Is your wedding anniversary just around the corner? Why not surprise your better half by gifting her diamond anniversary rings on this special occasion?

In all probability, your spontaneous reaction would be, “Are such diamonds rings specially marked for anniversaries?”

Here, we throw light on how these rings are different from engagement or wedding rings. Not really as expensive as a solitaire engagement ring, they promise to flatter your bridal rings and other jewelry selections extensively.


Before going ahead with why anniversary rings are so special, you may to remind yourself of why anniversaries are so important.


Just as your anniversary marks the celebration of your togetherness and re-confirms your faith in the relationship, these rings do the same. These beautiful rings may have diamonds or gemstones studded in them. In some cases, they may be in the form of bands – just a wedding band or eternity band sold online.

These days, with diamond rings catching the fancy of one and all, couples are investing in a wide range of rings with dazzling diamonds set in them, especially on special occasions anniversaries.


It’s true that a 60th anniversary is termed as a “Diamond Anniversary” but why should you wait so long?

You can make each anniversary as special as the 60th wedding anniversary by gifting something spectacular. A diamond-studded anniversary ring symbolizes your love in every conceivable way and can be presented on every single marriage anniversary.

In case you plan to buy a diamond bracelet or a diamond necklace as a special gift this year, you can choose any other occasion –say your birthday, the anniversary of the day you both met for the first time, or that special day when you get a promotion – to do the honors.

In other words, even though your marriage anniversary happens to be the most opportune timing for gifting a precious diamond ring, you can do it anytime.


Of course, diamonds are expensive. And if you choose to buy a high-quality diamond ring after considering all the 4 C’s – carat, cut, color and clarity, you can expect the price to be high.

But then, there are absolutely no written down rules for spending. It’s absolutely up to your budget and comfort.

On your anniversary, your feelings and emotions take center stage with money coming in much later.

So, go for a pricey anniversary ring only if your pocket permits; else, invest in a ring set with more affordable gemstones to make your anniversary equally special.


In case money is scarcely a concern and you desire to buy a very stylish and contemporary looking ring for your spouse, then bling on a three stones diamond ring.

Undoubtedly, it would be the best way of expressing your eternal love with the three diamonds symbolizing the past, present, and future of your relationship in the most attractive way.

Yet another way of making your special occasion more special is by representing the years in your anniversary through an equal number of stones. Say, if it’s your 10th anniversary, your ring can be custom designed with ten small sized diamonds to give an exquisite appeal.

You may also style your anniversary ring with your birthstone or other vibrantly colored stones to make it look different from the rest.


What’s the color of your favorite stone?

Yes, if you do not wish to invest in a diamond-studded ring, you would surely fall in love with the appeal of rings with colored stones.

These days, there is absolutely no dearth of wedding anniversary style bands and rings in platinum and sterling silver to choose from – especially the ones set with birthstones and diamonds that blend into perfection.

Start thinking the box and invest in exquisitely colored gemstones that will match with the remaining pieces of jewelry in your trinket box. Ask your jeweler to design an alluring anniversary ring for you with your newly purchased colored stones.

You will love to see the result of your custom-made contemporary anniversary band.


There is no written rule about which hand is the right one for flaunting your anniversary ring. You may wish to go by the engagement ring rules, wherein the expected norm is to wear the ring on the left hand.

However, it all depends on your individual choice and comfort. Some women combining their anniversary bands with their diamond wedding rings, while others love to a wear a trio of their diamond engagement rings, wedding ring and anniversary ring at a single go.

It’s always a good idea to use the same metal in the anniversary ring as in the wedding or anniversary ring to make the lot blend with each other.


With more and more couples opting for anniversary rings as their first choice of gift, this token of eternal love and gratitude has started symbolizing relationships in more ways than one.

For instance, eternity rings are unique in themselves and showcase long-lasting marriages that are meant to last forever. You may to buy diamond eternity rings that have a band encircled by diamonds with no beginning, or end – just as your love story.

Then, there are right-hand anniversary rings that represent commitment sans the need for traditional wedding rings on the left hand. Such right-hand diamond rings serve as perfect gifts for your marriage anniversary and are certainly the right way to go if you already have diamond rings in other styles in your collection.


Your anniversary is indeed one of the most special days of the year. So, you as well as your sweetheart deserve a special gift in the form of diamond anniversary rings.

Do not restrict your purchase of diamond rings to merely engagements or wedding ceremonies, they can be gifted or purchased as tokens of romance any time of the year.

Regardless of whether it’s your 1st or 20th anniversary of togetherness, a well-crafted anniversary ring would melt his/her heart right away.

Do share your ideas about which diamond rings are best suited for this occasion. We would love to know more about the diamond rings purchased on your earlier anniversaries as well!


Rocking an Anniversary Band

Picture this: it’s your wedding day. Everything is set up in just the right way, with the just the right color scheme, with just the right touches, and everything has fallen into place.

You’re about to exchange rings that will bond you and the love of your life for the rest of your days.

When you picture this moment, what do those wedding bands look ? Do they look any other ring out there, or do they look the perfect representation of your relationship?

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These are the things we tend to overlook.  There’s a lot of focus on the perfect engagement ring, and the best proposal, and the most breathtaking wedding. But, what about the rings that reveal your marriage to the world?

Your wedding day, your marriage, your love, and your style are one-of-a-kind. Shouldn’t your wedding band be just as unique? We think so. Current wedding trends have been bursting with more creativity over the past few years than ever before, and that boldness and true-to-you style can be seen in every aspect of weddings today—and wedding bands are no exception.

We’re going to go through three of today’s top wedding band trends, why we love them, and what you’ll want to keep in mind as you find the perfect wedding bands.  

For the Love of Diamonds

Today, it’s all about the sparkle. Prong set diamonds, smaller diamonds used to cover the surface of the ring, are more versatile than your average accent diamonds. They can be layered, they can be minimalist, and they can really maximize the overall shine of the ring.

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Why We Love It:

Prong set diamonds are almost necessary to anyone who loves a bit of glamor. But really, who doesn’t want a bit of sparkle in their life? When looking at any of the prong set diamond wedding bands out there today, we love the touch of shine they provide—just enough for the wow factor, but not too much to overwhelm.

Retro-style and vintage wedding bands bring out a touch of the past, and work best for those who love uniquely styled rings. From detailed filigree engravings to delicate raised edges, going vintage for your wedding band will bring a timeless element to your wedding set.

Stacks on Stacks of Stackables

Why limit yourself to one ring? That’s the question that stackable wedding bands bring to the table. These wedding bands look delicate on their own, but bring about a new and customized feel when paired with another band (or two). These rings can come in any number of styles, but the overall look you receive from this trend is pure and simple: the style is all about the layers.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Wedding Bands

  1. Do you want a matching wedding band set for the two of you?
  2. What are your personal styles?
  3. How hands-on (literally) is your day-to-day life?
  4. Do you prefer a standalone ring, or one that cradles your engagement ring?
  5. Have you considered a custom designed ring?
  6. Do you have a local jeweler who can answer any of your questions in person?

The biggest thing to keep in mind when you begin shopping for wedding bands, is this: what works best for you? Whether you have a specific budget to work off of, or you feel you need something more special than a ring you pick the case, or you need a one on one with a professional jeweler, we have you covered at Diamonds Rock.

We believe in the unique qualities of every couple who walks through our doors. You deserve wedding bands that were made just for you. Whether you want a trendy wedding band, something a bit more classic, or if you want something that’s a bit more customized to fit your style, our staff is here to help you find the wedding band of your dreams.  

We want every purchase at Diamonds Rock to feel the right choice. If you need an extra opinion, or someone to go over your options with you, come over to our store and check out our wedding band collections. We can’t wait to meet you!


Rocking an Anniversary Band

Rocking an Anniversary Band

Anniversary bands are given (and received) for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is, of course, to celebrate the passing of a significant wedding anniversary.

In today's easy-come easy-go culture, marriages that withstand the test of time are a rarity, and should be celebrated.

If jewelry isn't your thing, perhaps a “second honeymoon”, or a new vehicle, or some other significant exchange of gifts would be more appropriate, but for us, an anniversary ring was just right.

Part of the underlying message that an anniversary ring brings is that of unbroken continuity- your union is seamless, strong, and perfectly matched, and that should be reflected in your choice of an anniversary band.

That being said, if your tastes have changed, or you simply to mix things up a bit, let your creativity be your own guide- in the end, nobody but You will be wearing your rings, so make sure you love what you end up with. I have seen many beautiful anniversary rings.

Sometimes, people opt for a “ring wrap” or “ring enhancer”, to play up the diamond they already have, or signify an increase in the beauty of their love. Another great choice is the “3 stone ring”, which reflects the beauty of the past, present, and future together.

A third option is an eternity band, which signifies a forever love.

A ring wrap/enhancer can signify the increase in the depth of love with timeAn eternity band signifies everlasting love A 3 stone ring symbolizes the beauty of the past, present, and future together

You've picked the metal, stone type and style of your anniversary (or your spouse has!), now it's time for the fun- which finger should you wear it on? Some choose to wear their anniversary band on a different finger than their ring finger (or even a different hand!) but I personally think it should be worn on your left hand with your other rings- the left hand is closest to the heart, and before medical science discovered how the circulatory system functioned, people believed that a vein ran directly from the fourth finger on the left hand to the heart. your original wedding set and size, you might have to play around with the arrangement of your new anniversary band, until it looks how you want it to look, and means what you want it to mean.

The placement of your anniversary band is linked to the type that is chosen, of course.

If a ring wrap was chosen, it should be worn between the engagement solitaire and the wedding band, because as the name implies, it “wraps” around the existing diamond to create the look of a multi-stone ring.

With a 3 stone ring, the height and size of the other diamonds in your set need to be taken into account.

You might find that the easiest way to wear this type of ring is in place of your wedding set, or, you might choose to wear it at the very bottom, with your wedding band providing a buffer of “negative” space between your engagement ring and your anniversary ring. Eternity bands are much more flexible in terms of placement, as thy will not necessarily compete with a diamond engagement ring. They can be worn above, below, or between any of your rings, your own preferences.

Personally, my original wedding set was a .80c solitaire with a plain wedding band, both platinum. On our wedding anniversary, my husband bought me a 14 diamond band, also set in platinum.

Originally, I placed it closest to my nail, “outside” my wedding set, but after playing around with it, I went with the wedding band closest to my heart, then my anniversary band, and finally, my engagement ring.

I d the look of the diamond band sandwiched between two plain bands, and the significance of my wedding band still closest to my heart. How about you? would you have chosen what I did?

I chose the top left arrangement… which would you have chosen?


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