How to Pamper Your Husband in 20 Easy Ways

How To Pamper Your Boyfriend – 20 Romantic Ways To Make Him Feel Special

How to Pamper Your Husband in 20 Easy Ways

Has your man been behaving Mr. Cranky Pants lately? Trying to strike a work-life balance, fulfilling social obligations, or simply getting stuck in a rut can suck and make him feel stressed out on some days. What’s worse: when he is stressed, you are stressed too and your relationship suffers the most.

So, whether he has had a really bad day at work, or his favourite team lost the match, it is okay to play role reversal sometimes and pamper your man as he pampers you always. But the thing is how to pamper your boyfriend in the best way possible to cheer up his mood? He does so much for you.

Even if not all the time, every now and then, he goes his way to pamper you and makes you feel special. Whether it's the flowers, the chocolates or the candlelight dinners – it is he who does most of the planning and hard work.

You may love him and even show him your love, but don’t you think he deserves to be indulged a little bit too?

How To Pamper Your Boyfriend To Make Him Feel Special?

Here are some very simple and sweet pampering ideas for him – because he deserves it too!

Make His Favourite Meal

If you are standing in the kitchen right now and wondering how to pamper your boyfriend then the answer is right before you! It's food! The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Surprise him at the dinner table with something he loves to eat.

You know what he s to munch the most, don’t you? It doesn’t need to be fancy! You don’t have to make an entire meal for him – just whip up something you know he’ll enjoy. Or pick up some of his favorite food the next time you’re at the grocery store. It is the effort that will make him feel special after all.

Even if you are not good at cooking, he will definitely love the efforts you put in to make it special for him.

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Book Him A Luxury Massage Or Spa

He may love the idea of luxury spas and massages as much as you do, but may never book one for himself. So, why don’t you take up here? Book a session for him at that exotic place you have already tried and tested. Or do it at home.

Be his own personal masseuse and give him a head or foot massage at home. A foot massage after a long day at work is all the pampering he needs to feel relaxed. Or a head massage with some warm oil. A good ol’ backrub is another great way to de-stress your partner.

Make it a special experience for him by adding some scented candles and soft music in the room.

Leave Love Notes For Him

Give him something to look forward to every day. By leaving cute little notes for him (in his laptop bag or beside his pillow), you tell him how much you care for him. This is also an adorable way to make him miss you more.

And damn, aren’t these worth that smile on his face? Whether you want to write it or just text him – tell him how much he truly means to you. These can be anything- from I Miss You messages to a gentle reminder to eat his lunch.

You can definitely do these over the phone too, but introducing cute love notes makes the whole thing damn cute. Don’t you think so?

Watch Movies Together

How many times has he watched Sex and the City and Gossip Girls with you? Countless times, right? Even though he isn’t a huge fan. So, now that it’s his turn to get pampered, do exactly what he does for you. Watch his favourite movies with him. Don’t do this just for the sake of doing it.

Show interest in his taste of movies even if it is not your choice of good entertainment. If you agree to watch a movie of his choice but constantly crib and complaint about it then you lose the whole point of doing this activity together.

Give it a chance and who knows, you may start enjoying binge-watching his kind of cinema!

Join Him For A Hot Shower Or Bath

Nothing is more relaxing than a hot water shower after a long day at work. The idea of a hot water bath with aromatic oils and the whole equation of you joining in is enough to make him forget about a hectic day. Moreover, you never know where it might take you. If you know what we mean 😉

Bring Him Breakfast In Bed

Give a more pleasant alternative to the jarring sound of his alarm clock- wake him up with some hot coffee and breakfast on bed. Switch off the alarm clock before it wakes him up.

Nothing can be more soothing for him than the sight of you sitting by his side, smiling, holding a cup of warm coffee.

By helping him start his day with a soft approach, you are setting a more relaxed tone for the rest of the day.

Get Handsy

There are few things in life that can replace good sex but there are also other ways to establish physical intimacy when there is no time for sex. Initiate physical contact with him while doing your everyday activities.

Hug him the moment he walks in the door or plants a kiss on his lips when he helps you with the dishes. Couples who have been together for long have a tendency to kiss and touch lesser than the ones who are still in their honeymoon phase.

Shake things up with unprompted kisses and sweet physical gestures and gently remind him about how much you love him.

Plan Romantic Dates

Planning a date is not always the job of the man. Start taking responsibility and for once let him have no idea how the night is going to unfold.

Book a table at his favourite restaurant, get tickets to his favourite movie or concert or plan something utterly romantic revisiting your first date together. Let him bask in the happy memories with you.

Candlelight dinners and long drives, anyone?

Appreciate Him

Every guy needs an ego boost every now and then. And do not think that it is any less pampering than anything else! Telling him how good he is at something will make him feel absolutely great.

Appreciating him in person is great but sometimes, just praising him in front of his friends and family is all that is needed to make him feel really good inside. And trust us, you can never do enough of this.

Acknowledge the good things about him in front of his friends and family, especially when he is right there in front of you. This will make him feel valued.

Take Out Some “We Time”

Let’s be honest. When was the last time you guys spent the day indoors, practically doing nothing, just lounging around but still enjoying? Remember, you don’t have to be productive all the time. Sometimes it’s okay to change into your pajamas, and simply Netflix and Chill.

Because, why not? Locking yourself down doesn’t mean you are antisocial, it simply means you are giving yourself time as a couple to recharge and skip the problems of the world for once. Make it a priority to spend some time only with him, even if it is only for 10 minutes.

Some private time alone is important to make him understand how important he is to you.

Add A Special Touch To Whatever You Do

The sweet nothings that you do for him also make him feel pampered. Making his bed or passing him the remote when he is just too lazy to get up from the couch does not require too much effort but may mean a lot to him.

However, don’t let these turn into a habit unless you want him to become a couch potato! We suggest little gestures that are thoughtful and make his everyday life a little easier.

For example, wrapping a blanket over him when he falls asleep watching the TV.

Surprise Him

Planning cute and simple surprises for your boyfriend can also make him feel very special. Decorate his room with balloons or with roses and candles because love needs no reason for a celebration.

He is special and he doesn’t deserve a gift only on special occasions birthdays and anniversaries. Make it a habit to surprise each other on random days too! Give him a recording of that series he’s been dying to watch, get him a book you know he’ll love to read.

Just a small gesture to show how much you love and appreciate him – and, of course, to show that he’s always on your mind.

Take Interest In His Hobbies

Couples who play together, stay together. When you take up hobbies together as a couple, you start enjoying the activity more. If your partner is a huge fan of a sport or a game, spend some time learning it and surprise him the next time he is on it.

You can also ask him to teach you how to play it. You don’t have to be exceptionally good at it. The idea is to share a few laughs together and your gesture will tell your husband that you are willing to do things he s because it makes him happy.

It can be anything- skiing, playing video games, or cycling.

Visit Him At Work

Everybody s surprises. Especially when it’s least expected. If you know he is having a tough day at work, pay him a visit with his favourite flowers or a small gift. This will give the much needed energy boost to the rest of his day.

If you can’t make it to his office, get the flowers and the gift delivered. You can also pick him up for lunch or a quick coffee together or maybe get his favourite food delivered on his table. This small gesture is enough to brighten up an otherwise dull and boring day.

He will definitely thank you when he is back from work.

Buy Him That Expensive Gift He Always Wanted To Buy

Who says only women love expensive gifts? He may never tell you that he wants an Xbox One S or the new BOSE headphones but you know him enough to figure out what he has been adding to his wishlist lately. Instead of giving him the same old gifts of shirts and wallets, buy him that phone or the play station he always wanted to buy and see the joy on his face.

Plan A Holiday Together

Help him destress and relax by planning a holiday together. You can also keep the destination a surprise if you think that will excite him more. This doesn’t mean you have to splurge on long exotic vacations. Booking a night’s stay at a nearby resort or a weekend getaway at the nearest hill station or even a staycation. It’ll be a surprise no other!

Hang Out With His Friends

If you have been together for quite some time now, chances are that you are already acquainted with his friends.

Even if you are not particularly close to them, just small steps to hang out and connect with them will go a long way.

Organise a small get-together at your place for his college pals or a happy-hours on a Saturday night for his office colleagues. You can also plan a movie night or a weekend getaway, whatever works best for your budget.

Plan A Guys’ Night Out For Him

He may not say this often but as much as he s hanging out with you, he also wants to go out on mandates with his guy friends. So, the next time you want to do something special for him, plan a night out for him and his guy friends. Trust me, it’ll take him by surprise and he’ll love you for being so thoughtful, understanding and so totally cool!

Get Into His Shoes

He will be eternally grateful to you if on some days you jump into his shoes and finish the tasks that he is supposed to do otherwise. For example, taking the trash out or cleaning the bathroom.

By helping him with one of his daily chores, you are taking some of the load off his shoulders and making him feel relaxed. We suggest, just tick one chore off his list and do not tell him.

Let him notice on his own.

Surprise Him With Sex

If there’s one thing that can make a man feel pampered the most, it is mind-blowing sex. Dress up for him in your sexiest outfit and indulge in some of his favorite things in bed! Or just try something that you’ve never tried before.

We don’t need to say anymore, do we? If you are not one who s to plan sex, a midday quickie will work just fine for both of you.

So now that we’ve given you twenty amazing ideas to pamper your man and make him feel special, it’s time to actually start working on them. Excited?!

All Images Courtesy: Pexels

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10 little gestures to pamper your hubby

How to Pamper Your Husband in 20 Easy Ways

It’s easy to get caught in a routine with your life. You are so used to getting done what you need to during the day that it’s hard remembering to do the little things that make your marriage special. Here are some simple things you can do throughout your day to show your husband just how important he is to you.

1. Give him a “MANicure”

My husband takes care of his own fingernails, but every once in a while, I pull out the supplies and give him a real manicure or pedicure. He quite enjoys getting pampered in this way, though I don’t think he’d ever admit it! Besides cutting and filing hubby’s nails, put lotion on his hands and feet and throw in a bit of massage as well.

2. Leave little notes

Every day, when I pack my husband’s lunch, I include a post-it note with a quote on it. This started during a week that was particularly hard for my husband.

I thought some inspirational quotes would not only give him a little motivation but also let him know I was aware of him and what he was going through.

I wasn’t planning to keep giving him notes after that first week, but when he let me know how much they meant to him and how he looked forward to reading them each day, I continued doing it. Notes are simple and easy, but they mean a lot.

3. Give a head massage

Massages are a great way to help a husband relax and unwind, but I will admit that I am the worst masseuse in the world.

I am not a fan of giving massages, and I don’t think people really the ones I give, but I can give an awesome head massage. Head massages are easy.

All you have to do is run your fingers through your husband’s hair while sitting next to him on the couch. If a full-body massage is not your thing, try a simple head massage instead.

4. Watch a movie he wants to watch

My husband is the best about watching movies I pick, but I am terrible at watching movies he wants to watch.

Some of his movies are just not my idea of good entertainment, and I can’t stand the thought of wasting an hour and a half of my life sitting through something terrible.

But every once in a while, I let my husband choose and I don’t say one negative word throughout the whole show. It means a lot to a husband when a wife is willing to sacrifice her time to do something he enjoys.

5. Don’t complain

When your husband comes home from work, do you tend to run through the list of things that went wrong during your day? It may help you to vent, but this can be tedious and stressful for your husband.

Make sure that, every once in a while, you let your husband come home and relax without giving a blow-by-blow of your horrible day.

Instead, let your husband enjoy saying “hello” as he basks in the bliss of not knowing the details.

6. Do one of “his jobs”

Is your husband in charge of taking out the trash, washing the car or cleaning the bathroom? One day, when he is not expecting it, do the job for him. Don’t tell him you did it. Just let him notice on his own. He’ll be appreciative when he realizes he does not have to clean the car that week.

7. Surprise him at work

If your husband’s work allows you to visit him, do it. Not too often, but every once in a while, stop by and say “hi.” Let him show the kids his office and spend a little time with you. Nothing can brighten his workday more than a visit from the people he loves the most.

8. Give him something — just because

Do you only give gifts on birthdays, Christmas and special occasions? If so, give your husband something on a completely random day. Just because. A new tie, a CD, a video game … Any of these things are not too expensive — just a little something to show you care.

9. Learn to do something he s to do

Does your husband have a favorite sport or game that he s to play that you have no interest in? Spend some time on your own learning about one of his hobbies and surprise him, or ask him to teach you something. It is always good to have things you can do together as a couple, and this gesture will show your husband that you are willing to do something he s to do.

10. Give him one-on-one time

When you have kids, a full-time job or any sort of life in general, it’s hard making time for your husband. Make it a priority to spend time each day with just him. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, carve out some one-on-one time with your husband to remind him just how important he is to you.

Pay attention to the little things you can do for your husband. After all, it’s the little things we remember most.


30 Frugal Ways to Spoil Your Spouse (+30 Budget Date Ideas)

How to Pamper Your Husband in 20 Easy Ways

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

Relationships require a lot of communication, love, and nurturing to thrive. With this month being the most prominent time of year to express your love, I thought it would be fun to offer up some ideas of affordable and even some free ways to spoil your spouse followed by 30 budget-date ideas.

I haven’t been married that long, but I know that relationships (especially marriages) can start to feel very routine if you put them on autopilot instead of nurturing them. When my husband and I got married in 2016, we got hyper-focused on reaching our financial goals and worked together to pay off my husband’s credit card debt ASAP.

Our newlywed season was spent hustling and while we made financial progress, I wish we would have slowed down to spoil each other or prioritize dating still. Strengthening your bond with your partner and going on dates don’t have to be super expensive either. I hope these 60 ideas get your creative wheels turning!

1. Cook a Meal

If your spouse usually does the cooking, give them a day off and cook their favorite meal for them. I love nights when I don’t have to cook!

Check out the $5 Meal Plan for stress-free, picky eater-free affordable meal plans delivered to your email inbox weekly!

2. Write a Love Letter

I know this sounds a little juvenile, but I consider it old school. It can be very romantic to slow down and write a thoughtful and affectionate letter to your partner sharing what you love about them and how grateful you are for them.

3. Pick Up an Extra Household Chore

People love receiving acts of service. Doing a household chore for your partner can really make their days especially if it’s been a long and hectic one.

4. Have a “No Nagging” Day

Sometimes we nag and don’t realize we’re doing it. I’m especially guilty of this


20 Ways to Surprise Your Partner

How to Pamper Your Husband in 20 Easy Ways

According to researchers Gottman and Gottman, kindness is the most important predictor of satisfaction and stability in marriage. Researchers Jeffrey Dew and W. Bradford Wilcox also found that “generosity”—including small acts of kindness and displays of respect and affection—was positively associated with marital satisfaction.

One way to make kindness “come alive” in your relationship is by surprising your partner for “no reason at all.”

Surprises add spark to your relationship and communicate how much you care.

You may be thinking, “I treat my partner well on a daily basis, so why do I need to surprise him or her?” By taking that extra step, you articulate that the primary relationship in your life is important. It’s worth going over the top for.

It deserves even more nourishment than everyday life—even a kind and loving life—allows. Whether your surprise takes you to an artsy coffee shop or a new hiking trail, the “newness” will enliven what’s between you.

One of the barriers to relationship surprises is that people almost always want their partner to change or to do something differently. People are consumed with thinking about what they are not getting from the other person, so it’s hard for them to think about something extra they could be giving. Another challenge is time.

People who are stressed or working crazy feel that they do not have time for one more thing, whether it be exercising, weeding the garden, or surprising their partner. Another hurdle with surprises is a lack of creativity. This article may spur some ideas.

A final obstacle to surprises is that people often underestimate their immense power and potential.

Surprises can lead to greater intimacy, tender interactions, lighthearted fun, and relationship contentment. They can act as a catalyst for a whole host of other relationship patterns to shift for the better through a domino- effect.

The Physical Effects of Surprises

If your partner is truly surprised, you will notice their curved high eyebrows, pupil dilation, dropped jaw, large grin, or raised forehead. Not only do they get a physical “hit” of a positive chemical from feeling cherished through the surprise, but you get a good feeling, too, from giving it.

  1. Meet your partner at their train stop, bus stop, or in the driveway after work with a fun airport-pickup type sign.
  2. Record a sweet message for your partner (such as on Voice Memo on the iPhone).
  3. If you’re away for work or with friends, send your partner a postcard (even if it will get there long after you’re home) or buy them a less-than-a-dollar funny souvenir trinket.

  4. Get your partner’s car washed or wash it yourself.

  5. Do a chore for your partner that is typically “their chore” ( cleaning the hamster cage, matching the socks, or taking out the garbage).
  6. Make your partner breakfast in bed. Add a love letter.
  7. Send your partner a message through a non-usual means, such as through mail sent to a hotel they will be staying at, in the mail to your house disguised as a bill, on Messenger, or written on the bathroom mirror with washable crayons.

  8. Draw a bubble bath for your partner with an already-made cup of coffee and a fresh folded towel for when they wake up.
  9. Put a special note in your partner’s wallet, car, gym bag, purse, work bag, diaper bag, or breakfast cereal.
  10. Get up with a child (or a few) and sneak into the basement or the house to the park so your partner can sleep in.
  11. Set up a haircut, pedicure, massage, tee-time or other self-care type appointment for your partner.
  12. Take your kids on an outing (such as the park or the zoo) to give your partner some time to themselves.
  13. Bring home flowers, your partner’s favorite ice cream, or your partner’s favorite takeout food for no reason. 
  14. Think about what your partner really enjoys, whether it’s grilling out, playing soccer, going to the hardware store, or watching spy movies. Choose a personalized surprise that “fits” or “feeds” your partner’s great passions.

  15. Pack a picnic of your regular dinner with a blanket and a candle and food your partner would love; eat outside together.
  16. Book a babysitter and surprise your partner with a bike ride, batting cages, a basketball game, or a trip.

  17. Make an art project for your partner with your kids. Mail it to their workplace.
  18. Think of something meaningful from “the old days” that you used to do together and make a surprise it. If you loved going out for Mexican breakfast, take your partner out for huevos rancheros. If you used to love seeing baseball games together, buy some tickets. 
  19. Show up at your partner’s work to have lunch or dinner together.
  20. Do something that your partner loves doing but you typically hate ( going berry picking, watching an animated film, or canning tomatoes).

Source: Depositphotos

You’ve Won!

One woman shops and puts the groceries away for her family. Her husband wrapped two tickets to her favorite band and put them in a box. He covered the box with brown paper and snuck it in one of the grocery bags before she unloaded it. He included a note, “For unloading the 1000th bag of groceries, you’ve won two tickets to see your favorite band next week!”

The Art of Receiving a Surprise

Receive a surprise in an artful and gracious manner. If your partner tells you to go take a nap while he watches the kids, don’t argue—just say thank you and go gratefully.

If you get a surprise, acknowledge it, share what it meant for you, or say thank you verbally or with a hand-made card. Draw a stick-figure picture of yourself enjoying the surprise. Give a surprise back.

Step up and try to be just as creative, giving, and thoughtful as the other person was (if not more).

“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dis.” —J.K. Rowling

Erin Leyba, LCSW, Ph.D., author of Joy Fixes for Weary Parents (2017), is a psychotherapist in Chicago's western suburbs. Find her on  and


25 Creative Ways To Show Your Man You Love Him

How to Pamper Your Husband in 20 Easy Ways

Incorporating your partner’s favorite meal or dessert into your weekly menu is a great way to show him that you love him because you know what he s. It also shows that you want to make him happy, especially if his favorite meal isn’t something you would normally make.

Couples often have songs that remind them of their partner, so creating a playlist of songs that make you think of him is a really fun way to show that you love him.

This also works great in a long distance relationship because you can send to him daily to let him know you are thinking of him.

Introducing him to new bands and songs that you can enjoy together is always a great way to bond, too.

Do you remember the first date your husband took you on? Plan the exact same date! Doing so is a creative way to show him that you love him because it will spark the excitement that the two of you felt at the beginning of your relationship. You could also recreate the date where the two of you said “I love you” for the first time, or even the date he took you on when he asked you to be his wife.

Plan an adventure for the two of you and don’t give him any details! This doesn’t have to be an elaborate plan, either.

Pick a place that the two of you can drive to easily for a long weekend and only give him hints for what to pack, rather than where you are going or what you’re going to do when you get there.

Your adventure can have a bunch of fun activities, or you can pick a place the two of you can just relax and spend time together as husband and wife.

A creative way to show your man that you love him is to help him tick items off his bucket list. Maybe he’s talked about going skydiving, or going to see the grand canyon. You can be the one to help him do those things! Experiencing those things together will bring you closer together and show him that you’re willing to try new things with him.

Writing a short but sweet love note and leaving it somewhere he will find it, a creative way for a wife to show her husband how much she loves and appreciates him. It doesn’t need to be super sappy – a simple “have a great day at work, I love you” will do. Hide it in his briefcase for him to find at work or stick it on the bathroom mirror for him to see when he brushes his teeth.

Anyone that’s perused Pinterest for gift ideas has probably seen the card deck turned into a book filled with 52 reasons you love him and it’s definitely a fun and creative gift to give your partner. Simply punch holes in the upper corner of the card deck and attach them with a binder ring or even a piece of twine and use a Sharpie to write down 52 reasons you love your partner.

Another great Pinterest gift to show your love is to fill a jar with Hershey’s kisses and write a note that says, “kisses for when I’m not around” somewhere on the jar. It is a silly and fun way to get your guy to smile and every time he reaches into the jar, he will think of you.

Being secure in your relationship means that you can express your love for one another by not actually spending time together. Coordinate a weekend trip for him and a few friends to go see a band they love or get him tickets to go visit his friend who lives in a different city. Planning a weekend away for him shows you not only love him, but that you trust him.

Expand on your love note with a full blown love letter. Getting a handwritten letter from you will show that you are willing to put the effort into your relationship so he knows that you care for him. Write about the things that you love about him, you’re favorite memory of him, or even how you appreciate the things that he does for you.

We all tend to have a honey-do list for our significant others to complete whether it be mowing the lawn or cleaning out the garage. Show your partner you love them by completing a task off his list. It doesn't need to be one of the bigger projects but it will definitely make his life a little easier and free up some time for him to do something he enjoys.

If there is something he’s talked about wanting for a long time, but hasn’t actually bought for himself because it’s too expensive or impractical, consider buying it and surprising him with it.

It can sometimes be difficult to justify spending money on something such as a new expensive watch, when the old one works just fine, but surprising him with it will only make him appreciate it even more.

After a long week of work, it can be nice to come home and relax on the couch with a beer or two, so consider stocking the fridge with his favorite beer. It’s such a simple, little thing, but it is an easy way to show you care.

Taking the time to track down an elusive craft beer he enjoys or even stocking the fridge with a variety of beers he s is a nice touch.

Pick up some of his favorite snacks to go with the beer and you’re guaranteed to make his whole weekend.

In any relationship, it can be expected that there are things you don’t both enjoy doing, so you often go your separate ways when one of you wants to do them. Maybe he s to golf but you’re not the sporty type.

Surprise him by scheduling a tee time for the two of you. He will appreciate the effort you’ve made and the interest you are taking in something he s to do.

Just make sure to be a good sport and not complain the whole time!

When your significant other is stressed out, you can show your love by pampering him. Put on some soft music, turn down the lights and draw him a hot bath. Soaking in the tub for a while will loosen him up and alleviate some of the stress he’s been feeling. Once he’s the tub, offer to give him a massage.

In a long distance relationship? Send him a care package filled with different types of candy and attach sticky notes with a cheesy pun to it. Need some inspiration? Buy a bag of gummy bears and write, “life would be unBEARable without you.” If he’s more of a chocolate lover, get a Reese's and write, “I can’t REESE-ist you.” Get creative!

If the two of you are going on a date, consider wearing a dress or outfit you know he loves. Complete the look by styling your hair in a way that he’s said he s. This shows that you listen when he compliments you.

Have an anniversary coming up? Plan a scavenger hunt! It’s a fun way to visit memory lane as you celebrate new milestones. Create clues that bring him back to places and moments from your dating journey, such as where you had your first kiss or where he said he loved you for the first time. Meet him at the location of the prize wearing a bow, because you’re his grand prize!

This an incredibly easy thing to do and you can get as creative you’d . Buy a cute picture frame, put some scrapbook paper on the inside with the phrase, “I love you because” written on it.

When you put the frame back together, you can use it a dry erase board and write new reasons every day.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even decorate the frame with flowers or mementos he’s given you.

Simple, yet effective, especially when you are in a long distance relationship. Keeping your favorite photo of the two of you on your nightstand shows him that you love him because you will see it every night before you go to bed and every morning when you wake up. Take it one step further and let him pick out his favorite picture of the two of you.

Another creative way for a wife to show her husband how much she loves him is to create tokens of affection for him. Find some coins or round objects that you can keep in a drawstring bag. On each of the tokens, write some sort of personal favor on them such as giving him a back rub or make dinner. He can pick which one he wants to use and he will appreciate the effort you made.

How many times have you gone out somewhere and have seen a couple staring at their phones rather than talking to each other? Shut out the distractions and show your boyfriend you love him by keeping your focus on him. Really listen to what he is saying to you and you will both end up feeling connected and fulfilled.

Asking your partner for his advice shows that his opinion matters to you. Even if you aren’t sure he will know what to do, ask him what he thinks anyways. He’ll appreciate that you want to work through the problem with him and if he is the one the ends up helping you solve it, he will feel your hero.

Sometimes we can take our partners for granted and not tell them when we something about them. Make an effort to compliment your man every once in awhile. If you the way the shirt he is wearing brings out the blue in his eyes, tell him. He’ll feel special and as a bonus, he will probably make an effort to compliment you back more often.

The best way to tell your partner that you love him is just to say it! This is especially effective if you are in a long distance relationship, when it is harder to show how much you love him without saying it. If the two of you aren’t the type to talk about your feelings a lot, and as a result don’t say those three words on a daily basis, just saying it will surprise him.

As long as you put the time and effort into your relationship, your significant other will never have to wonder whether or not you love him. Have fun with because there are always new and creative ways to show you love!


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