Can RTI Be Filed Against Private Schools?

Is RTI applicable to public limited companies?

So if a limited company has received any grant, aid or subsidy or any other fund from Government or the Government holds share capital in it or exercises any kind of control or ownership, it can be brought within the purview of RTI by filing application and appeals at the relevant forums..

Can RTI be filed against private college?

RTI can be filed only against the Government and the State. Hence it cannot be filed against a Private College.

Can we file RTI against university?

No you cannot file an RTI against any institution or any body in India. What you can do is demand information under RTI from the university.

Who comes under RTI?

Under the provisions of RTI Act, any citizen of India may request information from a “public authority” (a body of Government or “instrumentality of State”) which is required to reply expeditiously or within thirty days.

Who can not file RTI?

“Only citizens of India have the right to seek information under the provisions of Right to Information Act, 2005. Non-Resident Indians are not eligible to file RTI applications,” Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh said in a written reply.

Can we ask questions in RTI?

No questions. That’s the stand of a state government department on the Right to Information Act. The department has said that it will not furnish information under the RTI Act if the application contains questions. … “If we cannot ask questions, why do we need to file an application under the RTI Act?

How many times RTI can be filed?

You can file an RTI everyday or twice a day or as frequently as you want. Only thing is, once you have filed an RTI – you should wait for 30 days for the PIO to reply (except for life and liberty issues which are to be replied within 48 hours) before filing an appeal.

Is PM cares under RTI?

The Prime Minister is the chairman of the trust. Trustees include the Defence, Home and Finance Ministers. The fund will also enable micro-donations. The minimum donation accepted for the PM CARES Fund is ₹10 (14¢ US)….PM CARES Fund.Formation28 March

How can I file RTI for private company?

RTI Act is not applicable to private companies or organizations. You can obtain such information by writing directly to them or through the personal sources and links. To file case of sexual harassment you can Lodge FIR or make a compliant directly to MD or any other authority of company.

Is RTI Act applicable in private sector?

Application of the Act only on public servants Therefore, in the given circumstance and factual position of law, it is clear and well stated that only government organisation and government funded organisations are covered under the ambit of RTI Act 2005. The RTI Act is not applicable on Private Companies.

Who is not covered under RTI?

Section 24(1) of the Central Act goes on to limit RTI coverage by entirely excluding some bodies from the law such as security or intelligence agencies.

Over approximately the same period, RTI has come to be recognized as a human right under international law, a significant normative development.

Can I file RTI against police?

It is, therefore, important for one to know the procedure to seek information from the police department. -> You must address the RTI to the concerned Public Information Officer (PIO) or Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO). … -> Write subject as “Information sought under RTI Act, 2005”.

Is Bank covered under RTI?

Yes, Public Sector Banks are covered under RTI Act 2005. However, you cannot file RTI to Private Banks. You can file RTI to a Public Sector Bank other than to obtain information pertaining to a Third Party or Exemption under Section 8 (1) (d).