Can You Unsend A Photo On IPhone?

Can I delete a picture I sent on iPhone?

To delete a photo or video from the Messages app for iOS, open a text conversation, find the offending photo or video and tap-and-hold on it.

Tap More, which selects the photo or video via a small blue checkmark along the left edge.

Next, tap the trash can in the lower-left corner and then tap Delete Message..

When you delete a photo on iMessage can the other person still see it?

the answer is yes, once you send the iMessage it is “out of your reach” 🙂 you can delete the message in your conversation, but it will not affect the message on recipient’s device.

How do you Unsend a photo?

How do I unsend a message I’ve sent using Instagram Direct?Tap in the top right of Feed.Select the conversation and go to the message you’d like to unsend.Tap and hold on the message, and then select Unsend (iOS) or Unsend Message (Android).

Can I delete a picture from text message?

Step 1: Tap the Messages icon. Step 2: Select the conversation containing the picture that you wish to delete. Step 3: Tap and hold the picture that you wish to delete, then touch the More button. … Step 5: Tap the Delete Message button to confirm that you wish to delete it.

Can you tell if someone deleted your iMessage?

The main point to take away is- if you see a blank screen when you go back to check on your conversation and you see a blank screen until you scroll up or down- that’s how you know your messages were deleted.

Can you Unsend a photo on iMessage?

8) How to Unsend a Text Message on iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. … TigerText is a free app that lets you recall your text message at any time — even after the person has read it.