Can You Use A Handgun For Deer Hunting?

Can you use a handgun for hunting?

The simple answer is yes, all across the USA states allow you to hunt for a variety of game with a pistol or hand gun.

Handgun hunting for me is appealing because it is so much like bow hunting.

Unless you are shooting a specialty pistol chambered in a rifle caliber, it is a short range game..

What is the best handgun caliber for deer hunting?

Here are my selections for the top five handgun hunting cartridges.1. . 357 Magnum. The smallest of my choices, the . … 2. . 44 Remington Magnum. Dirty Harry’s darling also makes one of the most excellent hunting cartridges for the handgun hunter. … 3. . 45 Colt. Dating back to 1873, the . … 4. . 454 Casull. … 5. . 475 Linebaugh.

What caliber handgun can you hunt with?

44 Remington Magnum is the best cartridge for hunting big game with a handgun. With the wide variety of loads available, it can deliver 30 percent more energy than the . 357 Magnum, and be used for everything short of an African buffalo.

Will 357 kill a deer?

357 Magnum will barely kill a small deer and only if the shot is placed with surgical precision.

How accurate is a 357 magnum rifle?

357 magnum lever gun is as good as a 30-30 out to say 125 yards using the right ammunition.

Is 4570 good for deer?

45-70 for deer hunting in thick conditions and it’s also quite effective on black bear, feral hogs, moose, and grizzly bears. While it can be a very effective cartridge on many species of African game, make sure you read the article below if you’re thinking about using the .

Can you hunt with a 22 pistol?

22 handguns are great for bullseye, too coarse for small game. I love my Ruger Mk2, but a handgun has limitations over a long gun, regardless of caliber. I’ve killed squirrels, prarie dogs, rabbit and a grouse with my Mk2, I’ve done more hunting with a . 22 rifle, and killed more game with it.

Can you use a pistol for deer hunting?

357 SIG and . 40 S&W will take deer-size game, 10mm Auto is a better choice if you’re comfortable shooting it. Options abound in single-shot handguns—particularly T/C’s Encore and Contender pistols. … You might find that if you’re hunting deer-size game you don’t even need a larger caliber.

Can you kill a deer with a 9mm?

9mm would have to be very specific ammo, on a Very small deer, with a very accurate shot. Anything can kill a deer, the question is where on the body do you have to hit. … If you use a nice expanding 9mm round and proper shot placement, there is no real reason against it.

Can a 500 magnum kill an elephant?

The Smith & Wesson 500 performed well during this hunt. We recovered one of the bullets from the elephant and found it too retained over 90% of it’s weight. If I were to hunt with a revolver all the time a scope would definately be in order.

What is the smallest caliber for deer hunting?

243 WinchesterA few folks used a 243 Winchester (the smallest caliber that was legal for deer hunting in Kentucky at that time), a couple of fellows that I knew used a 270 Winchester, and one guy used a 280 Remington. The guy with the 280 handloaded because of the limited availability of ammo.

Where do you shoot a deer to drop it in its tracks?

The Spot You Need To Hit. With a quality bullet or slug, you can kill a broadside deer in its tracks by shooting through the near-side shoulder and into (or through) the off-side shoulder. And if you have the skills, gear and time to be extra precise in your shot placement, hit a bit high in the shoulder.

Can you hunt deer with a 357 Magnum pistol?

357 Mag. … 357 Mag. makes a perfectly viable cartridge for hunting deer and black bear, in either rifle or pistol form. In a rifle, it’s a solid 75-100 yard gun, and in a pistol, I’ve seen some guys print groups at 50 yards so small it’d raise your eyebrows.

Will a 38 special kill a hog?

The 38 is a target load not a hog stopper. 12 gauge shotgun with slugs, 8-inch 357, 41 or 44 magnum with heavy bullets–JSP or hardcast. Never did like using high-powered rifles on boars.

What’s bigger 357 or 44 Magnum?

357 Mag is a much smaller diameter bullet than its . 44 Mag counterpart. While the case and overall length are similar, the . 44 Mag is much wider and voluminous cartridge that can hold more powder and withstand a higher amount of pressure when the powder is ignited.

Is a 44 magnum good for deer hunting?

A . 44 Magnum carbine is a fine weapon for hunting deer in the brush out to about 100 yards. … With a carbine-length barrel, you can get more energy at 100 yards than you can with the same round out of a revolver at the muzzle. And yes, it should be perfectly adequate for dropping even a large deer.

9mmIt’s no surprise that the 9mm round dominates the top spot as the most popular handgun caliber. Developed in the early 1900s by Austrian designer Georg Luger, the 9mm cartridge is the most widely used round in the handgun realm.

What is the best handgun to carry while hunting?

You can never go wrong with the standards like a 1911, Glock, Smith & Wesson M&P or other popular personal-protection handgun. A pistol like the Smith & Wesson Shield in . 40 S&W or . 45 ACP packs a big punch, but is light enough to carry easily.