How Good Is Pixel 4 Camera?

Does pixel 4 need screen protector?

Best Pixel 4 Screen Protectors in 2020.

A screen protector is the best Day One accessory you could invest in for the Pixel 4.

No matter how careful you are, smartphone screens invariably pick up micro-abrasions from daily use and abuse, so let a slab of tempered glass or film take the abuse instead..

Why did Google pixel fail?

Look at Google Pixel numbers. … Pixels suffered from several issues after the release, including excessive optical lens flare in pictures captured through rear camera, connectivity issues with some mobile data bands, unstable Bluetooth connections, unexpected battery shutdowns, and failing microphones.

Is the pixel 4 really that bad?

Last year, the Pixel line shipped a second, wide-angle selfie camera, but that has been cut this year, too. The Pixel 4, which is supposed to be a great camera phone, is actually a bad video camera as a result. … The Pixel 4’s slow-motion video mode is also pretty weak, offering only 240FPS video.

Is it worth getting pixel 4?

Google’s new Pixel 4 is a solid phone, but it’s not worth $800. … At the same time, the Pixel 4 is lacking in other key ways that people care about, like design and battery life. Google’s Pixel 4 is certainly worth considering, but I’d take a good, long look at the $600 OnePlus 7T before hitting the “buy” button.

Why is Google pixel so costly?

With that the phone will pay many import duties in india and this is the basic reason for Google Pixel Phones being so costly. Now if you read through it’s features it is a high end phone with latest features and technology in it. It can be said as one of the high end phones.

Is the Google pixel 4 Better Than iPhone?

Because it’s all just one fluent, cohesive process, the Pixel 4 is faster than the iPhone 11 at face unlock, though they both actually unlock the phone at about the same speed.

Is pixel 4 a good phone?

The Pixel 4 XL doesn’t command its original price — but for $300 off, it plays in a different category and actually looks really good. Yes, its battery life is still bad, and the spec sheet is weak. But the software and camera are exceptional, and there are lots of nice features here to stand out at $600.

How long does the Google pixel 4 battery last?

Battery Specifications Pixel 4: Up to approx. 25 hours of Usage Time when Always on Display (AOD) is off.

Which is better pixel 4 or iPhone 11?

Both phones are incredibly well-built, but the Pixel 4’s sharper, faster 90Hz display is a nice perk. … You’ll get a larger display with the iPhone 11, a 6.1-inch LCD panel versus the Pixel 4’s 5.7-inch P-OLED, but the latter is both higher resolution and faster with a variable refresh rate at up to 90Hz.

How good is the Google pixel 4 camera?

Pixel 4 XL camera Once again, the Pixel 4 XL impressed us all with its camera. Overall, pictures are sharp, colorfully rich and had great contrast. The camera’s digital zoom is excellent, and I was able to take steady shots of objects that were super far away.

Does the Google pixel have the best camera?

If you really care about photo quality, the Pixel 3 XL is the smartphone you want to own. It’s one of the best camera phones you can buy, and it’s also the best pure Android phone I’ve ever reviewed.

How bad is pixel 4 battery life?

If you have the Pixel 4 XL, you can expect these times to be slightly longer. He says heavy usage gets him around 3 hours of screen on time while light usage can make it out to about 5 hours, on average. The camera really seems to drain the battery, which isn’t great for a Pixel as it is a great camera phone.

Why did Google pixel 4 fail?

Google launched its Pixel 4 series phones in October this year. The company’s latest flagship smartphones won’t be launching in India. One of the main reasons behind this is the presence of a radar sensor inside the phone that uses the 60GHz spectrum which isn’t open to general consumers in the country.

Is the pixel 4 waterproof?

The Pixel 4 XL is lightweight compared to other phones its size. The phones are rated IP68 for water resistance.

Why is pixel 4 battery so small?

Google put a little too much faith in its ability to use software optimizations to improve efficiency; that or the hardware team doesn’t fully understand the power requirements for the phone. And even if you look at “fit-in-hand,” the Pixel 4 is 8.2mm thin; the iPhone 11 Pro is 8.1mm, and has a 3,046mAh cell.