Is IXL Rigged?

Is IXL free right now?

Yes, IXL offers a free app for students to practice skills and earn awards on an iPad or iPhone.

If you’d like to have unlimited access, purchase a subscription at

Then, use your IXL username and password to sign in to the app from your iPad or iPhone and start tackling practice challenges..

Is IXL safe?

IXL is a great and safe learning space for children of all ages. There are so many lessons and subjects, and if children get the answer wrong, they explain the right answers.

How much is IXL worth?

Pricing for a single-subject family membership starts at just $9.95/month or $79/year for one child. Each additional child costs $4/month or $40/year.

Does IXL cause stress?

IXL uses a “SmartScore” system which raises and lowers as you get questions right (or wrong). … Some students of BAMS agree that IXL is causing them too much stress. “Homework is taking way longer than it should”, says one middle school student.

Is Khan Academy better than IXL?

Khan Academy is absolutely the best FREE resource for this. IXL (or TenMarks, or Kumon, or Study Island, or other options) are better in some ways than Khan Academy — but that’s a moot point in most public schools, because there’s no way they can shell out $20 per student per year.

Why do schools use IXL?

A learning experience students love. Whatever you teach, however you teach, IXL helps your students succeed. Engage students with IXL’s interactive content, target their needs with our adaptive technology, focus your instruction with insightful analytics—and enjoy watching your students reach their full potential.

Is IXL good for high school?

IXL offers an unparalleled breadth and depth of high school math content. Featuring more than 1,000 high school math skills in creative, interactive formats, IXL motivates students to tackle even the most challenging problems.

Did the creator of IXL die?

Mishkin, one of the nation’s leading scholars on the jurisdiction and role of the federal courts, died at his Berkeley home on June 26, 2009, after a brief illness. He was 82.

Is IXL timed?

You can rely on the timer to be an accurate measure of IXL practice! Additionally, all of the information from the timer is available to you in Analytics. For instance, you can check out the Students Quickview to see how much time your students spent practicing in just the last week or over the last month.

Is IXL free for students?

Yes! IXL subscriptions offer students and teachers unlimited access from any computer connected to the Internet. There is even a free app; IXL can go anywhere you go! Remind your students to sign in so all their progress is tracked—no matter what device they are using or where they are!

Can you do IXL on iPad?

To get an account for the iPad, iPhone, Android, or Kindle app, go to, and sign up for a subscription. … If you haven’t already, download the iPad or iPhone app from the iTunes Store, the Android app from the Google Play Store, or the Kindle app from the Amazon Appstore.

Is IXL evidence based?

15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today, IXL Learning, the K-12 personalized learning platform used by 1 in 9 U.S. students, announced it has conducted research studies in 12 U.S. states that reveal schools using IXL consistently outperform schools using any other program or method.

Is IXL good for homeschooling?

IXL offers kids unlimited online practice in math and language arts (pre-K-12th for Math and Grades 2nd- 8th for language arts). … Great for homeschooling one or multiple children. IXL uses real-life math problems—math problems that encourage kids to think and to recognize how math is part of their everyday lives.

Who is the CEO of IXL?

Paul Mishkin (Mar 1998–)IXL Learning/CEO

How can I get IXL for free?

Can I get access to IXL for my students during school closures? Yes! IXL offers a free classroom trial for teachers that provides full access to all subjects for you and your students. Sign up at and then visit IXL’s At-home Learning Hub for helpful resources on getting started.

Who made IXL?

Paul MishkinIXL Learning/FoundersPaul Mishkin – Chief Executive Officer. Paul founded IXL Learning in 1998 as a way to explore the potential for Web-based technologies in education.

Is IXL a good website?

Overall, I think IXL is an excellent practice website. It has a good variety of problem types, good reporting, and is easy to use. It can supplement any math curriculum you currently use, be used for review/reinforcement – or for some summer “fun” math time.