Is The Good Place Worth Watching?

Why should I watch the good place?

There’s nothing quite like it on TV The Good Place is like nothing else on television at the moment.

While the offbeat premise guarantees plenty of belly laughs, the series’ creator Michael Schur makes sure the series toes the fine line between the sunny setting and the dark, otherworldly underbelly of The Good Place..

What genre is the good place?

Television comedyPhilosophical fictionFantasyUtopian and dystopian fictionThe Good Place/Genres

What good shows are out?

Certified Fresh TV – Currently AiringP-Valley: Season 1. … The Baby-Sitters Club: Season 1. … I May Destroy You: Season 1. … The Umbrella Academy: Season 2. … Legendary: Season 1. … The Great: Season 1. … Perry Mason: Season 1. … Stateless: Season 1.

Will there be a season 5 of Riverdale?

Along with the Arrowverse line-up, Riverdale has come to define The CW as one of its flagship shows, thanks in no small part to Archie Andrews and his apparent allergy to shirts. Because of this and the strength of the fandom, The CW confirmed that the series would be returning for season five.

Is the Good Place Season 2 worth watching?

yes!!! I liked season 2 much better. The characters had grown on me, and it just struck me as being funnier and more interesting than the original premise. It’s hard to answer this without spoiling but I think for the most part season 2 is just as good as season one.

Is the good place funny?

Yet as it premieres its third season Thursday, The Good Place remains the brightest beacon of light currently on television. … Yes, the show is very funny. But more importantly, throughout its run, the NBC comedy has proven to be a brilliant hat trick.

Will there be a good place season 5?

Release Date: The Good Place Season 5 Michael Schur, the creator of the show, has confirmed that the story, which they intended to tell with the show, has been told. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the show will be back for Season 5. … For three consecutive years, The Good Place has been airing on NBC.

What is the message of the good place?

The message contained in the last two seasons of “The Good Place,” in particular, was that humans inherently cannot be perfect during their time on Earth.

Is the good place a good show Reddit?

Season 1 is up on Netflix and Season 2 just hit Episode 3. The writing is very smart and frequently reminds me of Futurama and some of the better Simpsons episodes. … The show blows up and subverts its major premise at the end of series 1, and ends up all the better for it.

Is a good place on Netflix?

In several international territories, the show is distributed on Netflix, and the first season was released on September 21, 2017 while episodes of subsequent seasons became available within 24 hours of its U.S. broadcast.

How many seasons was the good place?

4The Good Place/Number of seasons

How many episodes does the Good Place Season 2 have?

12The Good Place – Season 2/Number of episodes

How did Tahani Al Jamil die?

She died being crushed by a statue of her sister. As a request from Eleanor, Tahani would be the architect to design Mindy St. Claire’s afterlife test. She is also the only one in the group who never figures out that they are in the Bad Place.

Why did the good place get Cancelled?

Schur added that he was tempted to go beyond four seasons, but decided against it. “At the end of the day, we don’t want to tread water just because the water is so warm and pleasant. … Ending the show was clearly a creative decision by Schur because NBC brass would’ve loved to get more seasons.