Quick Answer: What Is A Sitting Room In A House?

Do British people say living room?

‘ The main room in an American home, the room where people usually sit and do things together like watch television and entertain visitors, is called a living room.

The British name for this room, sitting room, sounds rather quaint and old-fashioned to American ears..

Why is the living room important?

The living room is arguably the most important room in the house when it comes to decorating. It is the room where you entertain guests and loved ones, and it is where families tend to spend the bulk of their at-home time together after the kitchen. … It is your home and it needs to be right for you.

What is a rumpus in the house?

A recreation room (also known as a rec room, rumpus room, play room, playroom, or ruckus room) is a room used for a variety of purposes, such as parties, games and other everyday or casual use.

What is a sitting room used for?

A living room is a room in a home that’s used for entertaining friends, talking, reading, or watching television. If you’re a couch potato, you most likely spend lots of time in your living room. You can also call a living room a lounge, a sitting room, a front room, or a parlor.

Why are living rooms called living rooms?

The rise of the living room meant the end of such a room that had been common in the Victorian period. The term ‘living room’ was known since the mid 19th century. This word was mainly coined to give a word to a space where the general social activities are performed. … Thus, such a space was termed as the living room.

What can I do with an extra room in my bedroom?

With a little creativity and space-saving furniture, you can turn this flexible living space into a comfortable spot you’ll love!Make a Combination Room. … Put Together a Nursery. … Designate a Playroom. … Create a Home Office. … Design an Additional Living Room. … Set Up a Bonus Room Bar. … Make an Extra Bedroom.More items…•

Why it is called drawing room?

The word ”drawing room” is just a crude change of the original “withdrawing room” though in India the way its pronounced it gives an impression of a “draaying room”, a room used for drying!

What do you put in a sitting room?

42 Things in Your Living RoomSofa.Love seat, chaise.Chairs, recliners.Ottoman and/or footstool.Coffee table, sofa table.End tables, occasional tables.Decorative pillows, floor pillows.Sofa blankets.More items…

What do you do with the sitting room in a master bedroom?

Luxury Sitting Area. Fill the empty space in your master bedroom suite with a sitting area of its own. This is the ideal way to add some aesthetics to a boring room while keeping it functional. Add a couch, some chairs, a chaise lounge, and maybe even a coffee table or end tables.

What is the room called when you first enter a house?

An entryway is a hall that is generally located at the front entrance of a house. … Many houses do not have an entryway; in these the front door leads to a foyer, or directly into the living room or some other room in the house.

Should you say lounge or living room?

In Western architecture, a living room, also called a lounge room (Australian English), lounge, hall (British English), sitting room (British English), or drawing room, is a room in a residential house or apartment for relaxing and socializing.

What is a morning room in a house?

A morning room is meant to be a general purpose room for family activities. Traditionally, it was used as a casual reception room. Because contemporary morning rooms are usually built as an addition to the kitchen, however, they’re often used as a spot for casual dining.

What should every living room have?

10 Accessories Every Living Room Should HavePlants. View in gallery. A vibrant, green, natural plant is something every living room should include. … A comfortable rug. View in gallery. … Something personal. View in gallery. … A coffee table. View in gallery. … Bold drapes. View in gallery. … Candles. View in gallery. … A tray. View in gallery. … A TV. View in gallery.More items…•

What is the difference between a living room and a sitting room?

For starters, the living room is the largest room of the house. A sitting area is often smaller and a lot cozier. In a living room there’s often a sitting area, usually formed by a sofa and a couple of armchairs.

What is a drawing room in a house?

A drawing room is a room in a house where visitors may be entertained, and a historical term for what would now usually be called a living room. … It was often off the great chamber (or the great chamber’s descendant, the state room) and usually led to a formal, or “state” bedroom.

How do I build a sitting room in my bedroom?

Bring the comforts of your living room into your bedroom by creating a mini lounge area at the foot of your bed. Pairing a deep, comfy club chair with a small side table instantly gives your bedroom an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Why is it called a morning room?

The term “morning room” came about during the early 1800s, to designate a space used mainly in the morning. These rooms usually had eastern exposures and large windows, to take advantage of the sunlight.