Quick answer: Which Country Is PUBG Mobile Less Played?

Is PUBG banned in India?

The country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has announced that is has decided to ban PUBG.

In India, several state governments had banned the game calling it ‘addictive’, ‘harmful’, and ‘distracting’.

Being a violent game, the controversies associated with PUBG isn’t a surprise..

Is PUBG banned in Pakistan?

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been directed to decide on banning the famous multiplayer game PUBG from Pakistan as per orders from the Lahore High Court (LHC). … China also removed the game from its country but replaced it with a patriotic and less violent version called Game for Peace.

In which country is PUBG banned?

Countries that have banned PUBG Mobile include India, China, Nepal and Iraq, however, it is worth mentioning that the ban has already been lifted in India and Nepal.

Who is PUBG King?

Michael GrzesiekMichael Grzesiek, aka, “Shroud” is the best player in pubg.

Is PUBG harmful?

1. It is extremely violent. PUBG has been under scrutiny for being a violent game. Excessive violence can trigger aggressive thoughts, emotions and behaviour that ultimately affects the mental health of the player.

Why is PUBG banned in China?

Banned for discrediting China’s national image as well as threatening national security. The Chinese Ministry claims that the game shows a “cultural invasion”.

In which country PUBG Mobile is least played?

Share of playersUnited States24%China19%Germany6%Russia6%4 more rows•Aug 9, 2019

Who is the No 1 PUBG player in world?

Best PUBG Streamers and their Gaming HeadsetPUBG PlayerGaming Headset1.Anthony_KongphanSennheiser PC 373D2.JackFragsSennheiser GSP 3003.LirikAudio-Technica ATH-M50X4.DrDisRespectAstro A506 more rows•Nov 23, 2019

Who is best PUBG player?

Top 10 PUBG Mobile playersRRQ D2E. Bawonchai Han who is known by his PUBG alias RRQ D2E is a 23-year-old PUBG mobile player based out of Bangkok. … Athena Gaming. … SOUL Mortal. … Biu Biu. … Rollexxx. … Panda. … BTR Zuxxy.

Who is God of PUBG?

ShroudWhen you talk about PUBG, the first person that comes to mind is definitely Shroud. People call him the God of PUBG and for good reason. I’ve learnt a lot of him and the rest is what I’ve learnt from hours of playing the game and improvising every now and then.

Who has highest kills in PUBG?

There are 92 kills in a single maych. A Man with big mooches Make a new PUBG world record with 92 kills in single match.

Which country earns from PUBG?

PUBG revenue in selected countries worldwide as of June 2018 According to the findings, the United States, with the result of 5.9 million U.S. dollars, accounted for the highest amount of the total gross revenue for PUBG.

Which country plays PUBG mobile the most?

ChinaThe answer to which country plays PUBG mobile the most was China, with most of the players for the game in 2017 from there, followed by India, Japan, USA, and Russia.

Which country VPN is best for PUBG?

ExpressVPN currently operates around 3,000 serves in 94 countries, so it’s perfect for unblocking geo-restricted services like Netflix US, Sling TV, and PUBG. … CyberGhost has one of the largest networks around, with more than 5,500 servers in 89 countries. … NordVPN has over 5,000 servers spread across 59 countries.More items…•