Quick Answer: Who Was The Prettiest Girl On Friends?

How many guys did Rachel sleep with on friends?

Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, had 14 partners, but more longevity.

71.4 percent of her hook ups turned into longer relationships, including having a baby with Ross..

Who was the richest character in Friends?

AnistonAniston is thought to be worth a whopping $220 million (£172m), making her the richest member of the Friends cast. Some estimates suggest she is worth as much as $300 million (£235m).

Who was the highest paid actor in friends?

Surprisingly, it was jobbing actor Joey who earned the highest single-year amount, with his annual take-home pay spiking at about $130,000 when he won a role as co-star in a feature film.

Why is Ross hated?

Originally Answered: Why does everyone hate Ross Geller (from the TV show Friends)? A. His wife of (pretty much his life) left him for a lesbian. Up to that point he only had one partner his entire life and he finds out that she’s leaving him (through no fault of his own).

Why is Monica the worst friends character?

The worst character on Friends is the Geller-turned-Bing, Monica. To start, she’s way too controlling. … Monica, whether it’s her obsessiveness or another scene of her berating a character, usually Chandler, is not funny. The humor comes from the reactions to her, and quite frankly, they should be more annoyed.

Who dated in friends in real life?

Matthew Perry In 2006 — nearly two years after the show ended — some believed the former co-stars dated. Jennifer Aniston and Tate Donovan dated on Friends and in real life. | Warner Bros.

Who is Phoebe’s best friend?

Phoebe is best friends with Monica and Rachel, along with their neighbors, Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani, and also Monica’s brother Ross Geller. She plays a Gibson Gospel and sings at Central Perk. During the show’s ninth season, Phoebe and Joey decide to choose a blind date for each other.

Why is Rachel so selfish in friends?

She left Barry at altar. If she did not love him or did not want to spend her life with him, then she should have figured it out before their wedding day. Leaving a person like that makes her kind of selfish. After seeing Ross with Julie, she constantly behaved bad with Julie.

Who was the most annoying character on Friends?

Ross GellerRoss Geller: ‘Friends’ most hated character.

Who is the most loved character in Friends?

ChandlerChandler is especially liked by those who say they “love” the show, with 31% choosing him as their favourite main character. Joey comes next, on 17%, followed by Phoebe on 15% and Rachel on 13%. The Geller family perform poorly, with Ross and Monica the favourites of only 6% and 5% of Friends viewers respectively.

Why did Ross cheat on Rachel?

As any Friends fan can recall, the devastating breakup between Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) in season 3 centered around one question: Were they on a break? As Rachel made clear, they were clearly not broken up, so Ross cheated on her when he slept with the hot copy girl, Chloe.

Why does everyone hate Chandler?

And he’ll be there for them too. We hate Chandler because we don’t have a guy like him in our life. We hate him because he is non existent and just a dream for most of us . And we hate him because he just swooped in and stole our hearts and left us sad after 10 seasons.

Who are the least close in friends?

Rachel and Ross both had 9k+ lines. This was really close. While Phoebe had the least number of lines, 7.4k. Chandler, Monica and Joey had almost the same number.

Who is the smartest person in friends?

Ross-a-TronIt’s hard to believe that a man who refers to himself as ‘The Ross-a-Tron’ is also considered the most intellectual person among the core Friends cast. Despite his last two scientific papers being “widely discredited,” Ross is the most intelligent ‘friend’ simply because he possesses a Ph. D.

Who is the least favorite character on Friends?

MonicaNow, viewers have had their say in who the best of the friends. Monica is the least favourite main character on the show with only five percent of the votes. Her brother Ross didn’t fare much better, only scoring one percent more.

Who had a crush on Rachel in Friends?

RossAs Monica’s best friend, Rachel spent some time around Ross in high school and although she didn’t know it at the time, Ross had a big crush on her. The two end up losing touch and Ross marries his college girlfriend, Carole.

Who is everyone’s favorite friends?

Ross GellerThanks to his goofy charm and endless array of hilarious lines, Ross Geller is America’s favorite Friends character! Everyone’s favorite paleontologist took 21 states overall, including the show’s home state of New York. In a not-really-that-close 2nd is Joey Tribbiani.

Why is Ross the worst character on Friends?

The absolute worst thing Ross ever did was lie to Rachel about having their marriage annulled. He completely ignored Rachel’s feelings on the matter and deceived her just because he didn’t want to have three failed marriages (one of which was completely his fault… *cough* Emily *cough*).