What Does Copper Wire Weigh Per Foot?

What does 500 MCM copper weigh per foot?

1.680LBS per footHow much does 500 mcm copper wire weigh per foot.

1.680LBS per foot ….

Is copper wire worth more stripped?

If you chose to strip it, you will end up with 90 pounds of copper don’t forget 10 pounds in plastic waste and in today’s market you will get $1.90 per pound for stripped copper wire so your 90 pounds will net you $171.00 difference of $21.00 between stripping it or selling the way it is, just want to mention one thing …

How much does wire cost per foot?

› Copper Building Wire › THHN/THWN-2Item (sold by the foot unless noted otherwise)O.D. (inches)Price3 AWG THHN »0.344$0.94/ft2 AWG THHN »0.375$1.21/ft1 AWG THHN (Discount Pricing)»0.435$1.45/ft1/0 THHN (DiscountPricing)»0.474$1.65/ft21 more rows

What does 1000 feet of copper wire weigh?

Bare Copper Wire DataAWG B&S GaugeDiameter (mils)Weight per 1000 ft. (lbs.)812849.6911439.31010231.51190.724.916 more rows

Is 500 Kcmil the same as 500 MCM?

One million circular mils is the area of a rod with 1000 mil = 1 inch diameter. MCM—one thousand circular mils. This is an older name for kcmil and is an identical unit. It is still in widespread use in the United States.

What is #2 insulated copper wire?

#2 Insulated Wire #2 grade insulated copper consists of unalloyed wire – thinner than 16 gauge – which includes heavy, double or plastic insulation. The grade generally covers many common types of telecommunications wiring as well as electronics such as outlet and extension cords.

How many grams is a pound of copper?

454 gramsThe amount of copper in a pound of copper is 454 grams.

How much is copper wire worth a pound?

CopperCopperPrice/lb.Bare Bright Wire (stripped/shiny)$2.40#1 Tubing (clean tube/ clean fine wire)$2.30#2 Tubing (paint/solder/burnt wire)$2.15Tin Plated (wire/bus)$2.154 more rows

What amperage is #6 Thhn good for?

Wire Size & Amp RatingsCopper10303584050655654708517 more rows

What does 1 0 copper weigh per foot?

AWG Copper Wire Size and Data Table Chart @ 100 Degrees FAWGDiameterWeight0000 (4/0)0.4600640.5000 (3/0)0.4096507.900 (2/0)0.3648402.80 (1/0)0.3249319.541 more rows

What does 750 Copper weigh per foot?

about .83 pounds per foot#750 mcm weighs about . 83 pounds per foot.

How much does a 5 gallon bucket of copper wire weigh?

220 lbs220 lbs for 5 gal. 220 lbs is 99,790 grams / 3.11 = 32,086 or $320.

What does 250 feet of Romex weigh?

Weight: 26.75 lbs.

How do I calculate the weight of a wire?

This value is the mass per centimeter for the wire. Multiply the mass per centimeter value from Step 13 by the planned length of the wire (in centimeters). This will give you the total mass of the wire, expressed in grams. Multiply the wire’s total mass by 0.0022 to convert it to pounds.

How much does a 55 gallon drum of copper weigh?

About 475lbs55-gallon drums of CLEAN copper. It’s a nice day, when you need a forklift to load copper into your vehicle . About 475lbs per 55 gallon drum.

How do you calculate the weight of copper wire?

The copper weight is calculated by the cross section of a cable x 9.6 and will be shown in kg / km. For example FLRY 1.50 mm² has a copper weight of 14.4 kg / km (9.6 x 1.5).

What is the density of copper wire?

8.96 g/cm3A copper wire (density = 8.96 g/cm3) has a diameter of 0.25 mm.

What size is 4 0 wire?

Tables of AWG wire sizesAWGDiameterCopper wireAmpacity, at 20 °C insulation material temperature rating, or for single unbundled wires in equipment for 16 AWG and smaller(in)(A)0000 (4/0)0.4600230000 (3/0)0.409620018 more rows

What does 600 MCM copper weigh?

600 MCM, THHN/THWN-2, Stranded Copper, 600V, Brown, 2000 ft Reel. 600 MCM, THHN/THWN-2, Stranded Copper, 600V, White, 2000′ Reel. Performance Ratchet Cable Cutter, Length: 10″, Weight: 1.5 lbs, Maxim Capacity: 600 kcmil Copper, 600 kcmil Aluminum, 1-3/8 Communication Cable, Frequent Use Capacity: 500 kcmil Co…

How much is a 5 gallon bucket full of pennies worth?

That way if you can fit 18.927 / 0.00036 or 52,575 pennies ($525.75) in a 5 gallon bucket.