What Does Gone Out Mean?

What’s another word for going out?

What is another word for going out?decampingdepartingexitingleavingwalking outgoing on strikegoingpartingchecking outquitting46 more rows.

How do you use go off?

go off1to leave a place, especially in order to do something She went off to get a drink.to be fired; to explode The gun went off by accident. The bomb went off in a crowded street. … 3if an alarm, etc. … if a light, the electricity, etc. … to happen in a particular way The meeting went off well.

What does going off on someone mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo off on somebody phrasal verb American English informal1 to criticize or speak to someone in a very angry way2 go off on one British English informal to suddenly start speaking and behaving in a very angry way When I told him I wouldn’t be back till midnight, he went off …

What is the meaning of gone out?

to leave your house and go somewhere, especially to do something enjoyable. I wanted the evenings free for going out with friends. go out doing something: We haven’t gone out dancing for a long time.

What does the slang far out mean?

An interjection meaning “great” or “cool,” as in All he could say when he won the lottery was “Far out!” Originally a slang term for daringly creative jazz, this expression has been applied to other art forms and undertakings. [

What stuck means?

verb. Stuck means being trapped in something. An example of stuck is being trapped in mud. Stuck is defined as to have poked or to have put something on something, usually with something sticky like glue. An example of stuck is to have poked someone with a stick.

What is another word for go quickly?

What is another word for go quickly?make hastedashmove quicklytake wingmove alongexpeditewingbeat itscudsweep198 more rows

What’s another word for go to?

Go-to Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for go-to?reliabledependablecopper-bottomedcertaingood as one’s wordcarrying the loadsoundfirmdevotedhonest215 more rows

Why do we say alarm went off?

An alarm system is usually set, so you need something to trigger it. When it is triggered, it has offset, so you say it has gone off. It’s the trigger that has gone off.

Will go off meaning?

1 : explode. 2 : to burst forth or break out suddenly or noisily. 3 : to go forth, out, or away : leave. 4 : to undergo decline or deterioration. 5 : to follow the expected or desired course : proceed the party went off well.

What does it mean to stick it?

stick it to (one) To intensely confront, punish, or retaliate against someone, perhaps vindictively or with unnecessary severity.

What does stuck it out mean?

stick it/something out. ​(informal) to continue doing something to the end, even when it is difficult or boring. She didn’t like the course but she stuck it out to get the certificate.

What does stick in mean?

1. To become caught, lodged, or embedded inside of something. Something must have stuck in the drainpipe, which is causing the gutter to overflow. A large piece of meat stuck in the man’s throat.

What is another word for left?

What is another word for left?jiltedneglecteddiscardedforsakengodforsakenstrandedrejectedcast awayleft in the lurchforgotten60 more rows