Who Died In 13 Reasons Why?

Is Monty dead in 13 Reasons Why?

Monty “dies” and Clay gets exposed and revealed to be the victim of what appears to be a deadly fraternity prank orchestrated by Diego.

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What did Zach whisper to clay at the party?

When Zach notices a girl staring at Clay, he gives him advice on what to whisper in her ear to get laid. If he manages, then he’ll get to drive his Audi. … The two end up fighting and Clay punches him repeatedly before Zach pulls him off. Then he storms off after telling Diego and Winston “I will end you.”

Who died at the end of 13 reasons why?

13 Reasons Why star Dylan Minnette has defended Justin Foley’s death in the series finale, describing the scenes as “powerful”. Viewers were shown a flashforward of a funeral early in season 4.

Who died in 13 Reasons Why Jeff?

Because of that, many of the characters on 13 Reasons Why die over the course of the 49 episodes beginning with Jeff Atkins (played by Brandon Larracuente), followed by season 1’s female protagonist, Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford). In both the show and the 2007 book, Hannah commits suicide.

Who has died in 13rw?

Every character who died in 13 Reasons WhyHannah Baker. When did she die? Season one. Hannah Baker’s death was the main premise for seasons one and two of 13 Reasons Why. … Jeff Atkins. When did he die? Season one. … Bryce Walker. When did he die? Season three. … Monty de la Cruz. When did he die? Season three. … Justin Foley. When did he die? Season four.

Did Monty kill Bryce Walker?

However, it was revealed in the season finale that Monty was killed while in lock up before the police could interrogate him. … However, Monty’s true alibi, a boy from Hillside he was having sex with, confronted the new girl, Ani (Grace Saif), who gave the statement to the police, that he knew Monty didn’t kill Bryce.

How did Monty de la Cruz die?

Later, when Ani tells Deputy Standall that Monty is Bryce’s killer he informs her that Monty has been found dead. “Montgomery De La Cruz was killed in his jail cell just hours ago,” he tells her. His death isn’t shown, nor his body, so it’s unclear what happened, though it is thought that a fellow prisoner killed him.

Why did they kill off Justin Foley?

So, how does Brandon Flynn feel about the way Justin’s story ended? In 13 Reasons Why’s series finale, Justin succumbed to complications from AIDS and died. This, after a battle with heroin addiction which had left fans to wonder if he would survive.

What did Clay do to Hannah?

One student, Clay Jensen, who had been particularly fond of Hannah, takes a special interest in the tapes. Unlike his peers, however, Clay doesn’t actually do any harm to Hannah. Instead, Hannah chooses to include him in the tapes because she feels he needs to hear her side of the story.

How was Monty framed?

Monty was arrested and serving time for sexually assaulting Tyler (Devin Druid) at the end of season 2. But that isn’t all that happened to him on 13 Reasons Why. He was framed for the murder of Bryce Walker, a complex lie that will absolutely unravel in the final season.

Who all died in 13 Reasons Why?

13 Reasons Why: All the Characters We’ve Lost Since Season 1Jeff Atkins. Before the events of season one, Liberty High School experiences its first loss after Clay’s unlikely friend — a popular baseball player named Jeff — dies in a car accident. … Hannah Baker. … Bryce Walker. … Montgomery de la Cruz. … Justin Foley.

Did Clay Kill Hannah?

On the tapes, Hannah admits that she doesn’t blame Clay for her death. She simply needs him to hear her side of the story. … Clay didn’t kill Hannah Baker, after all.

How did Jeff Atkins die on 13 Reasons Why?

He is portrayed by Brandon Larracuente. Jeff was a student at Liberty High School. … However, Jeff later died in the same accident that happened when Sheri Holland and Hannah Baker ran into a stop sign. Jeff died prior to 13 Reasons Why and appeared only in flashbacks throughout the series.