How to Flirt With Your Husband: Romantic Flirting in Marriage

  2. How To Romantically Flirt With Your Spouse?
  3. 10 Ways To Romantically Flirt With Your Spouse
  4. 1. Send romantic messages to them while they are at work
  5. 2. Wear their favourite outfit of yours when they get home
  6. 3. Flirt with your spouse by slow dancing in the living room
  7. 4. Write love notes and paste it where they least expect it
  8. 5. Kiss them unawares
  9. 6. Caress their hair while playing a romantic song in the car
  10. 7. Make them their favourite breakfast and wake them up with a kiss
  11. 8. Call them. Say ‘I love you’. Disconnect the call
  12. 9. Stare at them without any reason and smile or wink
  13. 10. Have food sent to their workplace with a cute note
  14. 15 easy ways to flirt with your husband
  15. Why is it necessary to flirt with your husband?
  16. Benefits of flirting with your husband
  17. 15 easy yet seductive ways to flirt with your husband
  18. 1. Spontaneity is the key to successful flirting
  19. 2. Steal a kiss
  20. 3. Utilize the sense of touch to your benefit
  21. 4. Words should be your strongest weapon
  22. 5. Flash-him
  23. 6. Text, sext and more
  24. 7. Shower your love with the help of love notes
  25. 8. The foot play
  26. 9. Select secret phrases
  27. 10. Give special attention to how you appear in front of him
  28. 11. Laugh and smile to gain his attention
  29. 12. Rekindle the lost love in your relationship by keeping it simple
  30. 13. Relive past memories with him by sharing it on social media
  31. 14. Give him an opportunity to be in awe of you
  32. 15. Show interest in him, his words and his activities
  33. 10 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband – Susan Merrill
  34. 1. Play a love song in the car. 
  35. 2. Text him when you’re in the same room
  36. 3. Wear his favorite outfit
  37. 4. Ask him on a date. 
  38. 5. Laugh at his cheesy jokes
  39. 6. Write him a love note
  40. 7. Cozy up next to him
  41. 8. Dance around the kitchen
  42. 9. Whisper something sweet
  43. 10. Kiss him
  44. Flirting with Your Spouse
  45. Are You Still Flirting?
  46. How Do I Flirt?
  47. Between Us Flirting
  48. Flirting Rules?
  49. SO True!
  50. Additionally:
  51. Being Flirtatious with Spouse
  52. Positives to Marital Flirting
  53. Be Creatively Flirtatious
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How to Flirt With Your Husband: Romantic Flirting in Marriage
Home20 GREAT WAYS TO FLIRT WITH YOUR HUSBAND Women tend to flirt with their partners when dating and in a relationship, but surprisingly, they get married and forget about flirting with that man.

Flirting with your husband is a good thing and will help your marriage more than you can imagine. Many couples start acting too serious with themselves once they get married.Flirting with your husband could be fun and romantic, and these tips will show you just how to do it.

1) Give him a 10 second kiss when he least expects. This surely will stir him to take the kiss further.

2) Smile and wink at him for no reason.3) Prepare a candlelight dinner just to celebrate being married to him and be your romantic self. 4) Let him choose your panties or your bra for you sometimes; this will definitely turn him on.5) Compliment him; let him know when he’s looking more handsome due to what he's wearing. This will boost his ego and make him always want you by his side. 6) Look very attractive when you are going out with him. The fact that people admire you will make him value you more. 7) Be your playful self when you are out with him. You make him feel alive when he sees you in such mood. 8) Sometimes all you need for bedtime might just be a cold bath, a nice nightie and a little scent. That always does the trick to draw him closer to you. 9) Look attractive for him even you are indoors and alone with him. Care about your appearance when you are home with him. Men are moved a lot by what they see. Let your chest and your backside do some silent work for you at home whenever you are alone with him. 10) Surprise him with something that would thrill him; gifts he didn't expect from you and you didn't announce it to him either. That’s the best way to flirt with him. 11) A naughty message from you when he’s away will give him blood rush.

12) Never forget the power of touch. Touch certain parts of his body for some minutes, and that may be all you need to stir him up direct in the eyes and tell him, I love you.

13) Warm up to him when you are both together; cuddle, lay on his laps and maintain physical contact.14) Take a shower with him too. This is romantic and leaves him with positive ‘naughty’ thoughts about you in his mind. 15) After a tiring day at work, give him a kiss, hug, a good meal and a massage. This is one of the best treats you can give him. 16) Even bearing children, still give him attention and make him feel wanted the more.17) Say sweet things to him. Call him sweet names. Romantic names you usually call him when you guys were dating. 18) Surprise him with an unexpected date night. Take care of the bill as you can or host him at home in the bedroom for some hours. 19) Look for sweet gestures to appreciate some things he has done for you. Appreciating him will make him to do more of romantic things for you. 20) Have inside jokes that will make you both laugh children and tease each other.

Flirting with your man shouldn’t stop on the day of your wedding, or few years after marriage. It should be continuous and last your lifetime. When you stop flirting with him, you take away certain things from the marriage.

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How To Romantically Flirt With Your Spouse?

How to Flirt With Your Husband: Romantic Flirting in Marriage

Married life does not have to be a dying flame. You can romantically flirt with your spouse and bring back the romance in your life. It’s possible to go back to those honeymoon days and feel the ripples in your stomach every time you look at each other.

Do you often think about the days with your spouse when you were newly married – all the flirting, the excitement, the butterflies, lots of lovemaking and the constant need to be around each other? Unfortunately, in most cases, these feelings turn into memories as life progresses with responsibilities and the habit of living together in the same house. Sometimes, it is not even the habit, but the unceasing distraction of work, children, household, ageing parents and several such factors that snatch away romance from a married couple’s life. We all know how to be romantic before marriage, but what about being romantic after marriage?

10 Ways To Romantically Flirt With Your Spouse

If you’re one of those couples that feel sad about the dying romance, you do not have to worry. Sometimes, it takes as little as one romantic song to bring the flame back into your lives.

The best part of marriage is having a boyfriend or girlfriend for life. Someone you can trust, constantly be around and still not be bored with each other.

The ability to say flirty things to your spouse and not worry about the response is also an additional bonus.

We have listed ten different ways how you can turn your regular married days into some extraordinary moments by doing these small but extremely romantic things to flirt with your spouse.

1. Send romantic messages to them while they are at work

There is no greater joy than to hear your phone beep thinking it would be a work-related message, only to find a sweet text from your spouse saying that they are thinking about you. Flirt with your husband or wife through text. You get additional brownie points if you make it more creative as well.

Flirt with your spouse by sending romantic texts
Image Source

Here’s how to flirt with your husband through text: send them a text that says “what is it about you dumbo that still keeps me thinking about you after all these years? I love you!”. They might not be able to stop smiling at work after such a message and possibly get in trouble, but it is completely worth it, right?

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2. Wear their favourite outfit of yours when they get home

When you’re married to someone, you’re used to seeing your spouse in a baggy t-shirt, boxer shorts and dishevelled hair every day. Imagine the absolute happiness on your significant other’s face when they come home after a long day at work and see you wearing the black dress or the blue shirt they adore a lot.

Every couple has an outfit they love to see their partner wear. Come on, guys! Flirt with your wife! Wear that hot black shirt for them, and prove that you still love them and to get dressed for them.

(They might undress you immediately, though. If you know what we mean!)

3. Flirt with your spouse by slow dancing in the living room

There can no bigger romantic but flirty gesture spontaneously pulling your partner in for a slow dance followed by a soft kiss. Yes, a little dirty dancing in there!

Make a playlist of your favourite romantic songs, or songs that you and your partner have enjoyed over the months of your married life, put them up on the stereo or your regular Bluetooth speaker and simply pull them towards you for a romantic dance session as they are going about their regular work.

Men always love it when women make the first move. So ladies, prep yourself to flirt with your husband. You don’t have to limit the dancing to the living room. You can even do it in the kitchen while they’re arranging the dishes or in the bedroom as they get ready.

Make any area of your house a spontaneous dance floor and see your romance rekindle!

4. Write love notes and paste it where they least expect it

You know how you can flirt with your spouse through text. Whatever happened to the good old exchange of love letters? It’s time to bring back the classics by giving it a modern touch.

Write romantic messages on sticky notes and paste them where your partner is ly to go often but not ly to find it there. You may have many flirty things to say to your significant other.

Love notes- leave them everywhere Image Source

This is your chance to say them whatever has been on your mind, through love notes.

You can try and create a trail of love notes too! Paste one on the mirror of the bathroom as they wake up, another next to their cup of coffee, the third one on the dining table or sofa, where they eat their breakfast, fourth one in the cupboard and the last one on the dressing table or the main door as they get ready to leave. You will undeniably see your significant other smile foolishly with a very child glee as they go about their boring day.

5. Kiss them unawares

Married couples tend to forget the classic signs of love kissing and hugging. Lovers, just kiss your partner already. See them doing there mundane job, hold their face and plant a long, tender kiss on their lips.

This is the most obvious, yet the sweetest way of flirting with your spouse and being romantic after marriage. Not to mention it will definitely leave them wanting more, and your day might go differently than planned.

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6. Caress their hair while playing a romantic song in the car

Make your boring car rides more interesting by playing romantic songs. Additionally, caress your spouse’s hair or their arm as a really good song comes on and smile at them. As you stop at the red light, lean in to give them a light peck on the cheek.

You can increase the intensity gradually, too. After the peck, nibble on the ear lobe and lightly bite it. At the next red light, give them a full-fledged but short kiss.

Flirt with your husband if he is driving and make him go wild in the car so that he cannot wait to get home and be all romantic with you.

7. Make them their favourite breakfast and wake them up with a kiss

You cannot deny food is surely the way to someone’s heart. Wake your spouse up on a Sunday morning with a kiss and serve their favourite breakfast to them along with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

This might mean you will have to wake up earlier than usual and prepare the breakfast, but this romantic gesture will completely be worth it when your husband or wife will wake up to a beautiful morning with the biggest smile on their faces!

Cook for your better half Image Source

The breakfast need not be elaborate. Just one dish idli, omelette, or pancakes, plated nicely with a cup of beverage would simply do wonders. Double the romance by having breakfast in the balcony and complimenting your spouse as the rays of sun kiss their face. If the wife generally cooks the meals, the husband should totally flirt with the wife to display the adoration for everything that she does.

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8. Call them. Say ‘I love you’. Disconnect the call

This is the briefest, yet one of the most romantic ways to flirt with your spouse. All you have to do is call them in the middle of the day when they are least expecting your call, say that you love them, cut the call, and imagine them laugh goofily at their workplace.

This will not only brighten up their day, it will also ensure them that even after years of spending their lives with you, you still think about them in the middle of the day and would express your love to them in new ways.

9. Stare at them without any reason and smile or wink

We don’t know why staring is only exclusive to new relationships. Who said you can’t stare at your husband or wife of 25 years and wink as flirtatiously at them as you did when you newly got married?

Stare at your spouse for no reason Image Source

Imagine the spark it will ignite when you stare romantically at your spouse and smile or wink at them as you have having your meals or going about a normal routine conversation. It will also make them feel that they’ve still got it in them to leave you in awe. Can being romantic after marriage get any better?

5 things to do with your partner to rekindle your love life

10. Have food sent to their workplace with a cute note

An overload of work and skipping of meals is a major reason for irritability and dying romance in a relationship.

If you know that your partner is going to have a long day at work that they are dreading to go through, have their favourite meal delivered to them at their workplace during lunch time.

Ask the restaurant to write a cute little note that says things , “I care about you”, or “I’m thinking of you”, or “I will be there with you when this tiring day ends”.

Your wife or husband will definitely feel more relaxed and even give you a better surprise in the near future. Food is probably the best way to flirt with your spouse!

There have been innumerable instances where married couples complain that their spark is dying, or the relationship is getting boring. As the couple grows old, they stop making efforts in the little ways that they used to.

Being romantic with your spouse does not have to be a tiring task. Just follow these tips and see it become a great start to reignite the old flame of love.

Eventually you can get as creative in romantically flirting with your spouse as you want.

How to romance your busy partner

Saying ‘I love you’ through grocery lists, bills and milk cans


15 easy ways to flirt with your husband

How to Flirt With Your Husband: Romantic Flirting in Marriage

Given up on flirting just because you are married? While there is no denying the fact that flirting came naturally to you when you were dating, it does not mean you cannot flirt after marriage. And we give you easy, yet brilliant ideas on flirting with your husband to turn him on, and to keep that spark alive in your relationship.

Why is it necessary to flirt with your husband?

Nowadays, a majority of couples complain that there is a lack of romance in their relationships after marriage. Most of the time such complains lead to conflict and bitterness among the married couples.

What they fail to realize is that effort has to be made from both sides to keep the relationship as romantic as it was before marriage. Until and unless you show love and care to your partner, you cannot expect your married life to be successful and happy.

Yes, it is true that after marriage, couples usually get caught up in family matters due to which they fail to give each other time. Responsibilities become the top priority instead of romance. However, taking out time to spend together with your partner is essential.

Even if that is not possible then flirt with your husband to show him that he is wanted and an important person in your life.

Flirt with husband: Image source

Men, just women, want to feel desirable and wanted every once in a while. However, wives find it easier to say ‘I love you’ than to say ‘I want you’ because they feel it is too direct.

Men, on the other hand, get turned on by the latter words more and want to hear them too.

So if you can’t really pull him in and whisper seductively ‘I want you’, you can still get this thought in his head with the simple ways below. Plus, it has its own benefits.

Benefits of flirting with your husband

Apart from lifting your spirits up and leaving you smiling for the rest of the day, flirting with your husband will also set the tone for a healthy, romantic relationship with him. Summing up a few benefits of flirting with your husband below-

  • To keep your married life healthy and flourishing, flirting is a fundamental necessity as it will bring the two of you closer
  • Flirting will allow you to express your feelings more freely and easily making communications between the two of you fun and honest
  • When you will flirt with your husband, you will be reminded of all the things which made him admirable and desirable. This in turn will make your relationship with him more stable and strong
  • Confidence and trust in your relationship is bound to increase if flirting is a common phenomenon among the two of you
  • Flirting will make you feel good and happy. As a result of this, you will be able to make your husband happy and satisfied as well

15 easy yet seductive ways to flirt with your husband

Holding his hands, winking at him, talking seductively etc. must have come naturally to you when you were dating your man or when things were not that serious. But now are you witnessing those flirtatious feelings fading away after marriage? If yes then one of the sure-shot ways of keeping your married life happening and romantic is by flirting with your husband as and when possible.

Just in case you have become completely awkward when it comes to flirting with your husband and making him want you then do not worry. Here are 12 easy ways of ensuring that you turn him on sexually and revive the spark that is missing in your married life.

1. Spontaneity is the key to successful flirting

Do not plan your moves in advance because flirting when planned is bound to be ineffective. Just go with the flow and flirt naturally. Go out for a late night snack or an unplanned date with him in order to stir things up.

2. Steal a kiss

Steal a kiss : Image source

Whether it is the traffic lights, or a few alone moments in the middle of a public place, plant a quick kiss on his cheeks or a peck on his lips. The sudden kiss will leave him surprised, pleasantly and also keep him wanting more!

3. Utilize the sense of touch to your benefit

Lightly touching your husband’s back or shoulder, giving him a back hug, holding his hands unexpectedly, stroking his legs during meal time etc. can help start the ball rolling especially if your relationship is at a standstill.

4. Words should be your strongest weapon

Praise him : Image source

Wives tend to compliment their husbands rarely. But remember your thoughts and words related to your husband’s style, taste, personality and looks etc. is what matters to him the most. So choose your words well and praise him at appropriate moments to boost his morale and to remind him what you about him the most.

5. Flash-him

Well, this sure is fun, but is also a little daring. Go braless when cleaning in front of him and make him groove for you by showing off those bouncing invitations when dusting. When he is least expecting it, and is alone, lift your shirt up to show off but just a little. And if you make it look natural, we bet he will grab you rightaway!

6. Text, sext and more

Cute texts : Image source

Make use of text messages and calls to sow the seeds of happiness in your relationship. Wondering how to flirt with your husband through text? It is really simple.

Send him a personalized love poem or lyrics of a song that is special to the two of you. You can even talk to your man on phone and let him know that you miss him.

At least two or three messages and one phone call a day will be enough to make him realize that you are thinking about him and that you value him.

7. Shower your love with the help of love notes

If you are unable to express your love face-to-face then you can leave love notes for your husband. For instance, you can slide one into his work bag or his lunch box. You can stick one on the bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator. Love notes will be extra special and sentimental to him than text messages.

8. The foot play

Foot play : Image source

When eating in a restaurant, take off your shoes and rub your foot against his legs, slowly, seductively. Carry on with a normal conversation, looking absolutely normal, and watch him take sips of water again and again. And that desperate attempt to look nothing is happening.

9. Select secret phrases

Keep on saying some repeated words to let him know he is sexy. This way you will have some secret phrases communicating your feelings without letting anyone know. These phrases would be selected by you with much thought. But then do not forget to share them with your husband so that he knows when you use them especially in front of your family or friends.

10. Give special attention to how you appear in front of him

Dress he : Image source

This is an important point to keep in mind. Try to bring back memories of the past by dressing up similarly the olden days. You can even wear the outfit that he s the most; it will surely melt his heart. At times, you can take his advice on what to wear.

11. Laugh and smile to gain his attention

There can be nothing more attractive and heart-warming to your husband than seeing you smile and laugh in front him. He will find you irresistible if you smile and laugh around him as it is a classic way of flirting.

12. Rekindle the lost love in your relationship by keeping it simple

Cooking for him : Image source

Flirting does not mean doing hard work and planning something luxurious. Just doing something as simple as cooking your husband’s favorite meal or watching his favorite movie with him can be enough to let him know that you love him.

13. Relive past memories with him by sharing it on social media

Show your husband that you cherish every moment spent with him by posting it on social media. However do it without going overboard and in a smart way so that your husband gets the message behind it.

14. Give him an opportunity to be in awe of you

Doing hair : Image source

There are certain things that your husband must admire in you. Therefore you should use that to the best of your ability. For instance, if he loves your eyes then you can do a makeup to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Or if he s your hair styled in a particular way then that style can be adopted to capture his interest. Just exhibit the qualities that he d in you when he chose you as a partner and it will surely turn him on sexually.

15. Show interest in him, his words and his activities

You will be able to sweep him off his feet by showing interest in whatever he says or does. Make him realize that you are completely smitten by him and give him all your attention.

Healthy flirting should become a part and parcel of your married life so that you can live your life happily and prosperously with your husband. Happy flirting people!

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FlirtinghusbandMarried life


10 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband – Susan Merrill

How to Flirt With Your Husband: Romantic Flirting in Marriage

Do you remember the first days of your relationship with your spouse? If you were me, your heart would flutter at a meaningful glance, flirtatious comment, or in my case, the handsomest guy I had ever met knocking on my door holding Belgian chocolate chip ice cream and asking if he could pray with me! After years of marriage, kids, demanding jobs, and hectic schedules, those fluttery feelings are distant memories. That doesn’t mean we can’t be romantic, it just means in our distraction we put it down and we need to pick it up where we left off.

One night as my husband, Mark, and I were driving home, I was feeling a little romantic. He was driving which gave me total music control, so I decided to play him a Tony Bennett song that we love. So crazy how one little switch on a playlist can change a boring car ride into a fun (or funny if you could see us singing) and romantic sing-along serenade.

I’ve come to realize that one of the best parts of being married is always having someone to flirt with because at the end of the day, flirting is simply turning the ordinary moments into extraordinary moments. Unfortunately, we can forget that in the middle of our busy, distracted lives.

So here are 10 ways to flirt with your husband to make the ordinary moments in your life together extraordinary:

1. Play a love song in the car. 

Nothing beats turning a boring car ride into a chance for romance! Even better, pair a sappy song with an unexpected kiss at the next red light.

2. Text him when you’re in the same room

Why wait until you’re apart to text him a little something sweet? This works especially well when at a social gathering with lots of people around. You know the kind where you are huddled up with your friends and he is across the room with his friends. Here are 10 Texts to Send Your Husband that he will love. 

3. Wear his favorite outfit

If you know he loves the way you look in that little black dress, then maybe it’s time to take it out from the back of your closet, even if the occasion is simply to dress up for him. Worried it doesn’t fit? Mark’s favorite outfit is no outfit! Try it, your husband may it too.

4. Ask him on a date. 

Surprise your husband by asking him on a date! I am not particularly good at this one so give me some date ideas in the comments below. It would be appreciated.

5. Laugh at his cheesy jokes

Laughing with your man is a great way to affirm him. That includes the joke you’ve heard a million times. My kids tease Mark about this all the time, he makes the same one-liners over and over. I just laugh anyway.

6. Write him a love note

Never forget that this is the most classic way to show affection to your husband. Leave little notes where he’s sure to find them, and know that you will brighten his day.

7. Cozy up next to him

Instead of staying on your side of the bed tonight, cuddle up beside your man. Every night!

8. Dance around the kitchen

Leave the dirty dishes in the sink and pull him in close for a spontaneous slow dance. Here is where that Tony Bennett playlist is handy again.

9. Whisper something sweet

Instead of the same old conversation after a long day of work, lean over and whisper something sweet (or saucy!) into his ear. Be prepared to follow up with the favorite no outfit.

10. Kiss him

The most obvious way to flirt with your husband? KISS HIM ALREADY! iMOM has a 14 Day Kiss Your Husband Challenge that can help! 

Of course there are many more ways to flirt with your man, but this is a good start! Flirting can rekindle the spark in your relationship and remind you both of the things you first loved about each other. 

Do you still flirt with your husband? Share your favorite flirtation tips in the comments below!


Flirting with Your Spouse

How to Flirt With Your Husband: Romantic Flirting in Marriage

Are you still flirting with each other, even though you are married? You DO know that you should not stop romancing each other just because you’re now married… don’t you? And it’s certainly not something you should only do on your anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, or something that. Saying, “I do” to marry doesn’t mean you say, “I don’t flirt anymore with the person I vowed to dedicate my love to for the rest of my life.”

Now that you’re married you should turn your flirting up all the more with each other. Of course, the following needs to be said too—never, ever should you flirt with anyone other than your spouse.

You vowed at your wedding to be exclusive lovers. Flirting with others offends your spouse, and it undermines your marital intimacy. Plus it’s disrespectful towards your spouse, your marriage, and your promises to God.

He is all about faithfulness and exclusiveness in marriage.

Are You Still Flirting?

So, once again we ask you… are you still flirting with each other? Here’s a great reminder for all who are married:

“Maybe you’ve been hitched for a few years or a few decades.

Whatever the case, the spontaneity, excitement, and general panic you felt on your first few dates has ly been replaced by a familiarity, comfort, and a new brand of panic associated with being the pater familias. It’s natural.

But it can make any relationship feel stale. That’s why you need to dust off single you’s best tool. No, not your Club Monico “going out shirt” or Tinder account. …Rather, it’s the ability to flirt.

“’For whatever reason, when we’re married we don’t think we have to or need to do the things we did when we were dating,’ says Fran Greene, a couples counselor and author of The Flirting Bible. ‘Somehow when the commitment is there we feel we can say, ‘Thank God, I don’t have to do that anymore.’ But it’s the opposite.

Shadeen Francis, a marriage and family therapist based in Philadelphia, agrees. ‘Quite often, in couples I work with, the issue is not that partners don’t know how to flirt — they forget to make a habit of it, and they become rusty.’” (Jeff Ashworth, from his Fatherly.

com article, “Don’t Forget to Flirt With Your Wife …Because sometimes “Hey, yuhwannahavesex?” doesn’t cut it.”)

We love the name of that article. (Look at it again.) Quite frankly, we couldn’t have said what Jeff did any better. (That’s why we gave you his exact quote.) As a matter of fact, you’ll find even more quotes below to give more insight into this matter:

How Do I Flirt?

“I look at flirting as anything you say or do that makes your husband/wife smile at you in a way that makes you smile back. It’s usually personal and something no one else in the room knows is going on but you. Flirting takes stealth, which is why it’s so much fun.” (Debi Walter, from article, “Flirting with Your Spouse 101”)

Yes! It definitely IS fun! Steve and I love the history we have together as a married couple. Yes, admittedly, some of our history isn’t pleasant to revisit in our thoughts. But through the almost 47 years that we’ve been married, we have built some great memories together.

All one of us has to say is, “YO!” or “orange pitcher” or “scary shirt” and the other instantly smiles. We have memories attached to those words that almost no one else would understand. It’s our “between-us” jokes, which bring us closer together in mutual sentimentality.

Between Us Flirting

If you haven’t flirted with each other for a while, start again now. It can be a new beginning to take your marital “communication” to a whole new level. Francesca Di Meglior gives this insight that we agree with:

“Flirting is all about communication. You’re trying to communicate that you are charmed by this person and attracted to him or her. In the case of your spouse, you’re trying to say that this is and always will be a love connection with a lot of heat. Talk about your day or the weather or what you’re having for dinner.

But be sure to naturally work in a compliment. ‘While my boss was hammering me with questions about the project, I was looking forward to coming home to you.’ Or ‘The clear blue skies today had me dreaming of your blue eyes.’ Or ‘You’re as spicy as the Mexican chicken I’m making for dinner.’” (From the Liveabout.

com article, “How to Flirt with Your Husband or Wife”)

Yes, it’s corny, but so what? It’s still fun to share this level of “communication” with a spouse. Try it. We believe you will it. And if you or your spouse doesn’t, then try other ways of flirting together. Just do something.

Flirting Rules?

“We often think that flirting with our spouse has to mean bringing flowers, sending love notes and lingerie. Sure those things are nice, but that doesn’t have to be all that flirting is.

And flirting doesn’t have to be anything huge! Flirting is about knowing what makes your spouse smile. It’s knowing what makes their day, and what would be a help to them.” (Alicia Michelle, in the Vibrantchristianliving.

com article, “How to Flirt with Your Husband”)

Here’s another example Alicia gives. Give your spouse:

• A Smile. My hubby has this little grin. And when he shows me that authentic smile from across the room, my heart melts!

“Melting” your spouses heart is a good thing! To add to that example, here’s another marital flirting tip given by someone who calls herself “Princess with a Pen”:

Hold Your Wife’s Hand When You Are Walking on the Street. It will mean the world to your wife if you hold her hand while walking on the street. She will feel loved and it will be the most romantic gesture. Holding her hand will give her a sense of warmth, togetherness and protection.” (From the article, “14 Ways to Flirt With Your Wife”)

SO True!

To that, I say, AMEN! When Steve holds my hand—whether we’re out walking, just sitting together, or lying next to each other, holding hands makes me feel cherished. I understand that some spouses don’t feel this way.

But I do, Steve does, and so do most spouses. Ask your spouse if he or she s this. It would be good for you to know this about your spouse.

It’s just another way of flirting that your spouse may love! Whatever you do make sure you:

Give some Vitamin F2 every day. What is Vitamin F2, you ask? Flirt and Fun. …We usually get instructions to take vitamins. How about giving some every day to the love of your life? Think of marriage a marathon.

It’s long, you will get tired, and you need the water of motivation to keep going. Laughing together and keeping that spark of flirtatious love alive will add a little joy to every day—even the hard ones.” (Maggie Reyes, from the Happywivesclub.

com article, “7 Habits of Highly Happy Marriages”)

And it does—definitely! We laugh, flirt with each other in many different ways, and it all builds our affectionate love for each other. So, here’s another great flirting tip for spouses given by Mark Merrill:

Post a sincere, unexpected comment of praise for him on or . This has to be done in a humble way and should have substance to it. Don’t showboat, but do let the world know why he [or she] means so much to you.”


He also makes this statement, which is also insightful:

“Flirting in front of our kids, even though they may react with something ‘that’s gross,’ will reinforce a sense of love and stability at home as they see their parents showing a healthy desire to be with each other.”

Being Flirtatious with Spouse

We’ve done and still do that. But we’ve always tried to be a bit subtle with our flirtatiousness with each other. Even when our sons lived at home, we were careful. We didn’t want to gross them out too much. But on the other-hand, we also wanted them to see that their parents still had that spark. We love loving each other—always have, and always will.

For more tips, given by Mark, we recommend you read:


Here’s a tip that we often use, that’s given by Sheila Wray Gregoire:

Flirt in a crowd. Catch your husband’s eye in a crowded room and wink at him. Pass him a note that says you’re available and you think he’s cute, says Gina Parris.”

Of course, this goes both ways. Steve will often catch my glance at him, and is good at flirting with me. We have individual ways of flirting with our eyes and eyebrows that says, “I love you.

I’m glad you’re mine” to the other. Usually, we do this in subtle ways so no one else sees us doing it.

It’s a bit corny, but it’s also a (mostly) private type of flirtatious action we do exclusively with each other.

However, one time our granddaughter noticed us doing this. She looked at me and said, “Why did Papa do that with his eyebrows when he was looking at you?” I laughed and let her in on our secret. I told her, “Papa still flirts with me; and that’s one way he does it. But what you didn’t see is that I flirted back.”

Positives to Marital Flirting

Of course, she wasn’t going to let me say that without letting her know what I did. When I showed her how I flutter my eyelashes back she just smiled. It was easy to see that she d it. Above all, I hope she gets the point that it doesn’t matter what age you are—flirting with your spouse is a positive thing.

To help us further, Sheila Wray Gregoire gives 15 more spousal flirting tips for wives. We recommend wives read:


But how about husbands flirting with their wives? Here’s a tip that Cathy Lorient gives:

Take the routine your goodbye kiss. Married couples tend to fall into the habit of the routine, almost mindless goodbye kiss in the morning. Try this: Next time she leans in to give or get that peck, step back.

Pick up her hand and kiss it gently. Make eye contact immediately afterwards. If you’re feeling especially slick—throw in a wink. There’s nothing routine about that. I promise, she’ll be thinking about it all day.” (From the Rockinmarriage.

com article, “How To Flirt With Your Wife”)

Lori Ferguson (from the blog) gave this advice in another flirting blog:

“My sister-in-law, a pastor’s wife and mom of teenage boys, says she and her husband have discovered the joy of flirting via texting. It’s private, and has the spice of something new! For Robert and me, our adult kids are living with us for a bit, so it’s back to the secret nods, stolen kisses as we pass in the hallway, and footsies under the table!”

Be Creatively Flirtatious

That’s so, so true! Just be creative. Think again how you flirted with your spouse before you married. It drew you closer together before you said, “I do” to marry each other. So now, just step it up! It’s even more important to “get your flirt on” after you marry each other. We love and agree with something Brie Gowen said on this matter:

“Flirting [with your spouse] can be a great fertilizer for your marriage. …Playfulness, and flirtatious conversation aren’t things just for when you’re trying to land a partner in life. They’re actions you want to continue to keep that partner in your life.

Shouldn’t we feel more comfortable to romance the person who loves us through sickness and health? The devil strives to destroy marriages, and he tells us we can’t have an exciting marriage, hot sex life, or even romance in our marriage. But that’s a lie.

…I say we break the stereotypes that equate flirting with affairs! Flirting is for marriage.”

With that said, we hope you will go for it! Make your spouse smile. Find ways to give your spouse goose bumps! And enjoy, enjoy, enjoy looking for ways to flirt with your spouse. Flirting with your spouse is fun, and it grows your marriage in positive, intimate ways.

Cindy and Steve


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