30 Fun Marriage Proposal Ideas

30 The Most Romantic Wedding Proposal Ideas

30 Fun Marriage Proposal Ideas

Planning a wedding proposal can be both exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. You want it to be a surprise, but perfect at the same time.

And for this to happen certain factors have to come together all at once. All of this is impossible without a good idea and perhaps some help.

This is why we have put together a collection of wedding proposal ideas, which can inspire you to organize your own unique surprise.

Go through each of these romantic wedding proposal ideas and find the one that works for you. Customize it to make it uniquely yours, and you are ready to go into planning stage. Executing whatever plan that you have, is not so simple either.

However, with a few tips and tricks, you should be able to pull it off without a hitch. The best proposals are those rooted in your relationship and what it means to you both.

So, go ahead, find the one many wedding proposal ideas will be true to your relationship.

While a lot of people might go to great heights to plan a lavish marriage proposal, sometimes the best wedding proposal ideas are the simple ones. Surprise wedding proposal ideas that are so simple and meaningful to the relationship that your loved one will never see it coming.
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A simple walk down the beach or movie time at home or at the location you first met can be transformed into a magical proposal of surprise, I Do’s, photographs and a world of love. With some extra thought and planning, your wedding engagement ideas can produce something unique, private and romantically beautiful.

Some proposals are best done outdoors, the type of location your loved one would never expect. It could be a park that you often visit or a scenic location a lake. You cannot run wedding proposal ideas if you’re choosing an outdoor location. Allow the natural beauty of the chosen location to create the magic in your marriage proposal.
Source: Oh So Perfect Proposal via instagram

After you have chosen your favorite place, you could plan a picnic or dinner for two and notify a friend or photographer at the right time to approach you. You could even hire some music from a guitarist or violinist for instrumentals. The perfect soundtrack for when you drop on one knee.

You are allowed to splurge and make the most of your marriage proposal. There is no amount too little to help create this once in a lifetime moment in your journey of love. There are so many cute wedding proposal ideas to choose from if you’re not on a tight budget.
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Plan a trip to Paris, the city of love, and do it in style by the Eiffel Tower. You could even plan a rooftop proposal with the Empire State Building as a backdrop in all its glory. There is also the option of planning an elaborate treasure hunt that takes your partner around the city to a final location where you will be waiting for sure, ring in hand.

A proposal doesn’t have to be lavish to mean the world to you and your partner. What matters most is that you put some thought into it and find what you are sure would make your loved one happy.

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most tender and touching. Take a walk to your favorite place, it could be a bridge, your backyard, anywhere.

Source: Oh So Perfect Proposal via instagram

To add to the casual and unsuspecting feel, you could have a friend join you as an undercover photographer so that you have someone to capture the very moment you pop the question.

As far as unique wedding proposals ideas go, for some, there is nothing more unique or more romantic than getting engaged in Paris, the City of Love. From its many picturesque locations, its history, fashion, and architecture, there is nowhere more incredible and perfect to pop the question.
Source: Oh So Perfect Proposal via instagram

A city where holding hands and kissing is very normal and you have numerous iconic landmarks for the most picturesque photo ops, Paris has all that you would need for the perfect public proposal.

There are many different unique ideas for wedding proposals that are cute and romantic at the same time. For instance, you might want to try a food-inspired proposal. Get your favorite bakery to put together a box of treats that spell out the words for your proposal and capture the surprise when your partner opens the box.
Source: Oh So Perfect Proposal via instagram

You could also plan a Disney surprise at your favorite location in Disney World. Make it as cute and special as possible, after all, you don’t get a do-over for this moment in your life.

If you are aiming for wedding proposals ideas that she would be absolutely unable to resist, you would have to be a little more creative.

Has your partner always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights of the Aurora Borealis? Or, do you both share a love for travel and have a favorite spot in South East Asia? Why not put together a trip and a proposal she will never forget.
Source: Oh So Perfect Proposal via instagram

Just ensure to enlist the help of a proposal planner to handle the details so that your plan works as perfectly as you have imagined it.

The most unexpected proposals are those that happen in everyday life and can seem the spur of the moment. Blend it into a normal day and you will have your chance.
Source: Oh So Perfect Proposal via instagram

For instance, you could ask a stranger to take a picture of you and then you immediately drop on one knee. Wedding proposal ideas for him can also be unexpected. Not many men would be expecting a proposal from their female partner. What a way to switch things up.

While you are thinking up ideas for wedding proposals, be sure to consider all the reactions that will occur during the time of the proposal.

That one fleeting second after the proposal is vital, and you will want to catch all of the reactions on camera.

This is why it is important to either hire a proposal photographer or enlist a close friend to help you.
Source: Oh So Perfect Proposal via instagram

From the look of surprise on your fiancé’s face to the kiss and the hugs, the joy, and of course the ring. You will want to capture this moment in time and have access to it forever.

After the surprise has been revealed, the question asked and you are officially engaged, it would be time to announce your love to the world. The present-day equivalent of shouting it from the rooftops would be social media.

This is why we have engagement ring selfies, which can help you announce in a subtle and yet stylish way. With the ring in the picture, you might not even have to say a word.

Source:Oh So Perfect Proposal via instagram

For the most gorgeous ring selfies, you would, of course, need for your hands to be picture perfect. Ring selfies are totally a thing and there are numerous ways to do it, so just have those hands ready.

Browsing through select wedding proposal ideas can help you find just the right inspiration to create your own. So, don’t miss out, find the right one for your love today, and pop the question in the most special way.

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Source: https://www.weddingforward.com/wedding-proposal-ideas/

18 Romantic and Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas for Every Couple

30 Fun Marriage Proposal Ideas

Asking for your partner's hand in marriage is one of the biggest moments of your life. Special as it is, surely you want to ensure that this proposal is impressive and unforgettable.

In this article we have compiled 18 proposal ideas for an irresistible proposal. Adopt one of these ideas and add a little personality to make it different and unique.

Surely she will say yes before you know it!

Photography: via How He Asked

1. Irresistible cuties

Who can resist cute things? With the help of babies or animals, you can pop the big question and expect her to squeal over their cuteness. Either a pet or family relative, asking for her hand with their help will add a sense of sincerity and innocence to the proposal.
Tip: For a next level idea, hire a trained dolphin and ask her during a scuba-diving trip!

Photography: DERAI

2. Photo booth proposalAs the shutters start to click, pull out the ring and surprise her. There's no way she can hide that surprised expression and you can get it on camera as well. How convenient!

Tip: Have your family and friends waiting outside the photo booth for the ultimate surprise!

Photography: via The Knot

3. Scavenger huntTurn your proposal into a treasure hunt by scattering clues for your partner to find. It can be done in your home or neighborhood, depending on how grand you want the hunt to be.

Be sure to give relevant clues and ask for a family member or friend to guide her as well!

Tip: Bring her back to places you've had your dates or take her to pamper herself before meeting you in the final spot!

Photography: StayBright

4. Family dinnerAn intimate proposal with your closest people witnessing the happy moment is always a good idea. She simply wouldn't forget the intimacy of the moment.

Tip: Propose a toast to get everyone's attention and then go for the big question!

5. Destination proposalAnother way to make a proposal worth remembering, do it during a holiday trip with your loved one. It doesn't have to be somewhere far away, a weekend getaway to a nearby city is also a good idea!

Tip: You don't have to do it when you reach the city, do it on the plane or in the car, and then celebrate the engagement during the holiday.

6. A walk down memory laneCreate a collection of memories of you and your partner, beautifully kept inside a box. Leave a note behind each photo and let her immerse in a nostalgic bliss before she gets to the question.

Tip: Before she starts opening photos, you can ask her to play a specific song, or your song together, to set her mood for a walk down memory lane.

Photography: via Pinterest

7. Love poemIf you are one of the literary couples, this idea would suit you very well. Create a poem or short story ending in asking for her hand in marriage.

Patiently wait for her surprised expression as she gets to the end part!

Tip: Not a writer? Worry not. Hollow an old book, put the ring inside, and ask her to read a specific page from the book.

Imagine her surprise when she finds out!

Photography: Axioo

8. Sing me a love song
One of the best ways to express your love is through a love song. Sing them a song you write especially for this moment or perform a significant song before you propose.
Tip: If you can get a song you wrote recorded professionally before the proposal, even better!

Photography: via Green Wedding Shoes

9. Wall climbingIf both of you love extreme sports, this idea might be suitable. You can put your proposal on top of the wall or do it after she comes down.

Tip: Take this idea to the next level by going on a real tracking up the mountains and then propose to her once you reach its peak.

10. Up in the air
For the long-distance couple, you can propose while your partner is visiting you.

Hold a sign in the airport doors as you pick her up and put 'Mrs' in front of her name and put your last name behind it.

Or, propose to her up in the air while you are travelling together
Tip: Work with the flight attendant or pilot to create an entertaining proposal for all the passengers to enjoy as well.

11.Flashback movie
Woo your partner by creating a short movie from your memories from pictures and videos. Then at the end of the video walk up to her and pop the question.
Tip: Rent the entire movie theater and play your movie as a trailer before the actual movie comes up!

Photography: via Inspiring Pretty

12. Jigsaw puzzlePut your question on a customized jigsaw for an added sense of fun. Imagine how intrigued she will be to finish up the whole puzzle!

Tip: Add some photos to the puzzle and prepare a frame to remember it for a lifetime.

Photography: via Bored Panda

13. Crossword puzzlePop your question through a crossword puzzle with the words forming the big question as answers.

Tip: To not make it so obvious, insert other general questions so she will not suspect a thing before she gets to the end of the puzzle.

Photography: via My Wedding Concierge

14. SkydivingWith the nature as your setting, this proposal is one she won't forget. Prepare the question largely printed on the drop off location so she sees it the second you arrive.

Tip: Even better, print a large banner so she can see it while you two are on the air together.

15. Merry-go-roundWhile your partner goes on a ride, stand outside the carousel and spell the words as she turns. Afterwards, wait by the gate with a ring on your hand.

Tip: Not a fan of carousel rides? There are plenty of other rides in the amusement park you can use. Ride a Ferris wheel and propose at the very top? No problem. Just be sure you don't drop the ring!


An online deal

If you're one couple that loves technology, create an interactive website especially to propose to her. Indeed a question as important as this should be asked directly so don't forget to be present as well to witness her reaction

Tip: You can pretend to ask her to check out this cool website you found, without knowing its intention!

Photography: via Canva

17. Concert proposalIf a band you two are fans of decides to hold a concert, this might be the perfect time to propose. During a favorite song, sneak up behind her and present the ring carefully.

Tip: If she's one that s grand gestures, you can also ask to get up on stage and propose to her with all the crowds watching.

Photography: via The Telegraph

18. Written on the starsPop a question during a visit to the planetarium while stargazing at the night skies.Tip: Get a star dedicated to your spouse as a present to remember the engagement!

One final tip, be sure there's a photographer or videographer that will document the loveliest moment of your life. This way, the footage can also be shown on the wedding day and you will have something precious to look back upon after years of marriage.

Which one of the ideas above is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below and also add some ideas you think is a great way to propose!


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Wedding Proposal Ideas

30 Fun Marriage Proposal Ideas

If you love spending time together in the great outdoors, then popping the question with Mother Nature as your backdrop will be right up your partner's alley.

Plan an epic daytime date that includes a picnic in an open field, followed by a proposal and romantic hot air balloon ride at sunset with champagne aboard to celebrate.

Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Brainstorm places that are meaningful to your relationship and send your partner on a scavenger hunt to revisit these special spots. (Rope in a few friends to accompany them because scavenger-hunting alone is no fun!).

Include notes or cards for them to find at each location that describe what each place represents to you.

Choose the most memorable location as their last stop and then propose in person, with everyone involved in the planning cheering in the background.

Hiking Proposal

Choose a hike you both love or hit up a new trail your partner has been wanting to check out. If this is a new location, try to do a test run beforehand to scope out potential proposal spots. This proposal idea is a great option for outdoorsy couples who have spent a lot of time together on the trails.

Creative, unexpected proposal ideas if your sweetie is hoping for a majorly public display of affection.

Get tickets to your partner's favorite band and pop the question during their favorite song. If it's a cover band you're seeing, reach out to them in advance and let them know your proposal plans; ask if they will cover a song that means a lot to you as a couple. You could also talk to the venue about possibly proposing onstage during or after the show.

Proposal at a Favorite Spot

Choose a meaningful place—whether it's a favorite restaurant, local monument, park—that is significant to your relationship. Once you're there, ask someone nearby to take a picture of you together. Instead of posing, drop down on one knee.

Flash Mob Proposal

Hire a local dance troupe, choir, drum line, or band to surprise your partner with a performance at a park or other public location. To make it even more personal, work it out with the group beforehand to perform with them (perhaps to a favorite song!), and then propose at the very end of the song.

Movie Theater Proposal

Use your smartphone to shoot a sweet homemade video documenting your relationship—you could record yourself revisiting places that are meaningful to your relationship (the bar where you had your first date, the park where you first kissed, etc.

) along with narration explaining why those moments were so special.

While you could certainly screen your proposal film and propose at home, why not check with your local movie theater to see if you can show the video before the film, in front of a packed crowd.

Street Musician Proposal

Does your future spouse commute to work regularly? Hire a local street musician to sing “Will you marry me?” as they walk by on their way to the office, with you hiding nearby. Surprise your partner and pop the question amid all the passersby. This could also work well on a weekend at a public spot you regularly frequent together, your local farmers market or favorite cafe.

The holidays = engagement season. And for good reason: snowy backdrops, glowing holiday lights, and plenty of good cheer. If this is your partner's favorite time of the year, then a marriage proposal will be the ultimate gift.

Make a date to visit a nearby Christmas tree farm to pick out the perfect tree together. Work with the farm owners beforehand so they know to expect you; you could even choose and purchase a tree beforehand, and decorate it so that it's all lit up when you when you arrive with your partner. As you approach the clearing and the special tree, ask her or him to marry you.

Holiday Card Photo Shoot Proposal

We love this idea if you're also hoping to get professional pics of the special occasion. Schedule a holiday photo session with a photographer and plan to pop the question mid-shoot.

If photos aren’t something you typically do together, enlist the help of your parents or partner’s parents to suggest the idea of a family holiday photo shoot.

Let your photographer in on the secret and work out a cue so you can signal that you're about to pop the question; as you're posing for the next shot, drop to one knee or turn to your partner to surprise them with your proposal. Use your favorite photograph from the photo session on your holiday card.

Shop Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday Lights Tour Proposal

Plan a date to tour a local neighborhood that goes all out with their holiday light displays. Pack mugs of hot coffee or cocoa, and then take your partner on a walk or drive to gaze at the lights and soak in the holiday cheer. When you arrive at the most spectacular, glowiest home, propose with it as your backdrop.

Under the Mistletoe Proposal

This one's perfect if your partner loves the holidays but might prefer a more low-key proposal.

Hang fresh mistletoe in the house (you can often find it at your local flower shop or Christmas tree farm) and hang it from a doorway, tree branch, or another picture-perfect spot.

Lead your partner to the location and pretend you're going in for a kiss beneath the mistletoe—but before you smooch, pop the question.

New Year's Eve Countdown Proposal

If you're attending a New Year's Eve party, work your proposal into the countdown to the New Year.

Let the party host and other guests in on your plan and make sure everyone's on board with the idea.

Once the group's countdown reaches “Three, two, one…,” have the room go quiet and turn toward your partner and propose away. This is the best way to start the New Year, if you ask us.

Make your proposal more personal by popping the question in a way that incorporates some of their favorite things.

If your sweetie has a serious sweet tooth, then plan a date that involves a stop at their favorite bakery. Coordinate with the bakery beforehand to have cupcakes on display, iced with a very important question.

Bookmark Proposal

This is perfect for the book lover in your life: When your partner isn't looking, get sneaky and slip the ring tied to a ribbon in between the book pages where they left off, along with a sweet note popping the question.

Trivia Night Proposal

If Tuesday Night Trivia at your local bar has been a big part of your relationship, hatch a plan with the trivia folks to have the last question of the night be your marriage proposal.

Amusement Park Proposal

Enlist your pals and take your partner on a fun-filled outing at the amusement park.

Make signs that spell out “Will you marry me?” and secretly pass them to your friends; when you're on your boo's favorite ride, sit with them in the front, with your pals in the back.

As you approach the on-ride camera, have your friends hold up the signs; once you exit the ride, plan a stop at the booth or shop where your proposal photo will be on display.

Puzzle Proposal

If the two of you love working on jigsaw puzzles together, create a custom puzzle to pop the question (many online companies can do this for you).

Use a favorite photo you both, a photo of the ring, or a photo of you holding a sign that asks, “Will you marry me?” Then plan your next puzzle night and play dumb, letting your partner do most of the puzzle legwork until they realize what's happening.

Rock Climbing Gym Proposal

Love rock climbing together? Then this is a fitting way to propose. Enlist a photographer and a few friends to assist, and then make a date with your partner to hit the climbing gym.

Have them scale a route; once they've reached the top, belay them securely while the gym staff dims the lights. Have your friends quickly string up twinkle lights on the wall, hooking them on the various handholds.

Once everything is set, slowly lower them down as a meaningful song plays over the sound system, then pop the question once they're back on solid ground.

Is your partner the more low-key type? Then they might prefer a simpler proposal at home, rather than in the spotlight.

Locate a vintage photo booth in town and monopolize the booth for a bit to spell out your marriage proposal using oversize letters (just be sure to get the order of the letters correct since they'll be displayed vertically). Stick the strips on the refrigerator at home and wait for your partner to discover your proposal.

Glow-in-the-Dark Proposal

Throw it back to your childhood with glow-in-the-dark stickers—use them to spell out your proposal on the bedroom ceiling. Once you're both ready for bed, turn off the lights and wait for their reaction!

Pet Proposal

This one's an oldie but goodie: If you have a pet, attach the engagement ring to its collar and get the pup (or well-trained kitty!) to bring them the ring. If you’re confident that your pet can immediately deliver the ring, wait sight until your partner finds the surprise; you could also set up a trail of treats leading to the living room or bedroom.

Photo Backdrop Proposal

This is the perfect idea if your partner is the sentimental type. Spend some time collecting photos from different points of your relationship; print them out and punch holes in the corners to string them up a banner. Display the backdrop at home and add glowing candles; lead your partner to the romantic display and pop the question in front.

Lazy Sunday Proposal

If you and your partner love a good Lazy Sunday (complete with bacon and eggs, of course!), then you could incorporate your marriage proposal into this weekend ritual. Before you go to bed on Saturday night, hide the ring box in one of the egg-carton slots. When your spouse-to-be goes to make breakfast the next morning, be ready to drop to one knee.

Pizza Proposal

Your partner might think it's just a normal Sunday evening but this pizza night will be extra special. Order delivery from your favorite pizzeria and have the restaurant write “Will you marry me?” inside the pizza box lid (some pizzerias might be able to make a special heart-shaped pie!). Have glasses of champagne ready and pop the question at dinnertime.

For some couples, a proposal surrounded by loved ones is a must. Just be sure to communicate with everyone well in advance so they can mark their calendar.

Plan a date with your partner that concludes at a nearby park, where you'll “stumble upon” friends and family members hidden behind handmade “Will you marry me?” signs.

Picnic in the Park Proposal

Enlist a friend or family member to help set up a picnic in the park and then have your loved ones hide out nearby. Plan a leisurely daytime date with your partner that concludes at the picnic site; settle in on the blanket together and then raise a toast (that will be the cue for your loved ones to jump out for the surprise!) before you pop the question.

Family Vacation Proposal

If you've got a family trip in the works, plan to pop the question at the destination. Let the family in on your plans, of course, and have them all swear to act normal and not spill the beans. One way to do it: Before dinner at a nice restaurant (that you've scoped out beforehand), suggest a group photo at sunset. Once everyone is assembled, get down on one knee.

T-Shirt Proposal

Gather your friends and family members for a party and have everyone in attendance wear a T-shirt screen-printed with one of the letters in the question “Will you marry me?” When you walk into the party space with your partner, suggest a group photo and let the shirts speak for themselves.

Airport Proposal

Is your partner a frequent flyer? Get friends and family to join you at the airport once they touch down; have each person hold a sign spelling out “Will you marry me?” as your sweetheart emerges from baggage claim. (Make sure you're the one holding the “me” sign.)

Source: https://www.minted.com/wedding-ideas/proposal-ideas

50 Ways to Pop the Question

30 Fun Marriage Proposal Ideas

Back in the dark ages, marriage proposals and proposal ideas were the domain of men. All women had to do was look surprised and say yes. But many things that are now more equal, the proposal landscape has become a little less cut and dry.

Both partners can do the proposing, but there are now twice the options (and sometimes twice the pressure). With the push to make even the smallest parts of our lives go “viral,” it can feel you need to make something as big as a proposal Instagram-worthy.

If a proposal happens but isn’t in your Instagram stories, did it even happen at all? Is it still a proposal if it’s not in a hot air balloon?

The answer is yes and yes.

Proposing can be a big, outlandish, emotional experience played out in front of a crowd of thousands at a Red Sox game. Proposing can also be a small, intimate, emotional experience played out in your living room in front of your pets. The point is for two people to make a promise to one another.

So whether you got engaged on a gondola in Venice or the produce aisle of a grocery store, a proposal is always just about two people. The mechanics of a proposal are deceptively simple. One partner asks another partner a question. The second partner answers.

Ta-da! You have proposed! And if feminism is your jam, neither partner is surprised by, “Hey I want to marry you.” So the where and when and how are just window dressing.

But oh the window dressing! If you’re currently in the market for proposal ideas, what do you choose? There are simple proposal ideas, elaborate proposal ideas, viral proposal ideas, and surprise proposal ideas.

But which one to do? any part of wedding planning (which is coming for you soon…) the best option is always you do you! But if you don’t know who “proposal you” is? Well, we asked wedding designer Jess Rutherford of Sentimental Fools for her top proposal ideas, both the intimate and the outlandish.

Here, she’s given us ideas for every type of proposal possible. If you are big and elaborate people, we got you. If you are pajamas and brunch people, just keep reading. There’s something here for everyone.


  1. Galactic Lovers: Plan a stargazing picnic and ask under the constellations.
  2. Sunshine of My Life: Sunrise and sunset make for stunning colors in the sky and the perfect backdrop for a proposal.

    Find a magical spot to enjoy the view!

  3. Disney Magic: Make your love story into a real-life fairy tale and propose in a Disney Park. (Pro-tip: You don’t have to go for Cinderella’s castle. There are plenty of picturesque spots around the park.


  4. Written in the Snow: Write your proposal in the snow and ask from a ski lift, or the warm interior of the ski lodge.
  5. Handwriting in the Sand: Write your proposal in the sand on a sunny beach. Pop the question before the waves wash it away.

  6. Room with a View: Stop to catch your breath at the top of a peak. Get down on one knee and ask them to turn around.
  7. Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words:  Decorate a room with TONS of photos of the two of  you over the years. Make another moment worth capturing.
  8. #TBT: Revisit your relationship’s greatest hits—or just the site of your first date. Propose in the place where it all began.
  9. Rollercoaster of Love: Propose at the top or during the photo on the ride.

    (We recommend keeping that ring locked up or in a secure location during the actual ride.)

  10. Ferris Wheel: Take in the views below as you propose from the very top of the Ferris Wheel. Have your family and friends waiting at the bottom!

SEASONS OF LOVE Proposal Ideas

  1. New Year, New Beginning: 3… 2… 1… Will you marry me?
  2. Be Mine: Why not fill a room with heart shaped balloons, roses, and boxes of chocolates, and embrace the sentimentality of Valentine’s Day.

  3. Let Sparks Fly: Attend a summer fireworks display. Propose under the canopy of lights or with a simple handle-held sparkler.
  4. Jack-o-Lantern Love: Carve “Marry me?” into a pumpkin.
  5. Fall for Me: Go apple picking, pumpkin picking, or searching for fall foliage. Propose in the center of a corn maze.
  6. Deck the Halls: Have your sweetheart wake up to ornaments spelling “Will you marry me?” on a Christmas tree on Christmas morning OR while looking for the perfect tree. Bring a furry friend in on it with a present tied to their collar.

Fun and GAMES Proposal Ideas

  1. Play to Win (Their Heart): Catan, CandyLand, or Charades. Find a way to make sure a proposal is in the cards.
  2. Carnival Night: Make the ring the prize for winning the carnival game of your choice.
  3. Lucky in Love: Take them to a casino. Play the slots.

    No matter what, you are both about to win the jackpot.

  4. Love Hunt: Hide clues around town that lead them from one clue to the next (bonus points if you combine this with #7). The final clue leads to you and a big question!
  5. Coordinated Love: Make your proposal spot your next geocaching destination.

  6. Love and Basketball: Play a game of one-on-one on a court near your home. Make a new spin on H-O-R-S-E and play M-A-R-R-Y-M-E, putting your opponent’s spelling skills to the test.
  7. Take Me out to the Ballgame: Go classic Jumbotron or take the Kiss Cam to the next level.

    For a nostalgic approach, hide the ring in a Cracker Jack box.

Sweet and Simple Proposal Ideas

  1. The OG: The classics never fail. Get down on one knee and ask away.
  2. I Woke Up This: Slip the ring on their finger before they wake up and see how long it takes them to notice. Or how many cups of coffee.

  3. Light up My Life: Fill the room with candles—the perfect lighting for love. Add some houseplants for an even more elevated look.
  4. Sentimental Spots: Head to “your” spot to make yet another memory somewhere close to your heart.
  5. Fortune Cookie: Have your own custom-made with a special question inside. Have them open yours the next time you order takeout.
  6. Creative Writing: Write your partner a poem or story titled The Story of Us. Make your proposal the final line.
  7. Time Machine: Recreate your first date, but this time with a new ending.
  8. A Toast: Slip the surprise into a flute of bubbles. Make sure they see the ring before bottoms up.


  1. Puppy Love: Tie the ring or (perhaps more wisely) a “Will you marry me?” sign around your puppy’s—or really just any puppy’s—collar. Proposals + puppies = YES.
  2. Make the Kid Do It: Have a kid or niece or nephew? Put them in a proposal shirt and have them ask for a hug from your sweetie.
  3. Surrounded by Family and Friends: Turn a casual family gathering into a moment to remember and an impromptu engagement party. (Pro-tip: Make sure to clue in the host ahead of time!)
  4. Lettergram: Throughout the day have special people in your life deliver love letters you’ve written.

    The last letter is a special delivery from you, and it comes with a small ring-size package.

  5. Next Item on the Agenda: Conspire with their boss and show up to their meeting in the conference room.
  6. Model for a Day: Have a photog friend ask for a favor to pose for some photos for their portfolio.

    Ask while the camera is clicking away.

  7. Surprise!: Throw yourselves an engagement party. Just make sure your new fiancx is the last to know.
  8. Make a Montage: Ask your friends and family to make a video of why they love you two together.

    Play the video and let your partner soak up all the love before asking the ultimate question.


  1. Up!: Take your love to incredible heights and propose in a hot air balloon. (We know you all cried watching the Up! opening montage.)
  2. Movie Night: Take them to an outdoor screening of their favorite movie, or stage a proposal inspired by the silver screen.

    For your budget’s sake we hope their favorite flick isn’t Sweet Home Alabama.

  3. Rock of Love: Get tickets the next time their favorite band is in town. Get the lead singer to ask for you from the stage!
  4. Work of Art: Ask a local gallery to hang one of your own masterpieces in their gallery.

    Propose in front of the piece as you walk through the gallery.

  5. City of Love: Pop the question in Paris. Skip the top of the Eiffel Tower and go for something more off the beaten path. Why not give them a kiss and a ring in front of The Kiss in the Rodin Museum.
  6. Flash Mob: Get your friends and family involved.

    Pick your favorite song and dance it out.

  7. Northern Lights: Travel to the arctic circle to tell them they light up your life under the Aurora Borealis.
  8. Heli-yes: Take a golden hour helicopter tour of your favorite town and pop the question against the skyline.

  9. Gondola Goals: Start forever in the canals of Venice in your own private gondola.
  10. Skywriting: Is there anything more over the top?
  11. Have a Proposal Off: Both want to get hitched? See who can top who with an all-out battle of the proposals.

    Everyone wins!

If you can’t choose just one proposal idea, there’s always the more-is-more option—just do all of them! Or as many as you’d . My partner and I had thirty proposals—not one of them involved a hot air balloon. But that’s a story for another day.

Addie Wright-Thwing is a writer, project manager, stationery snob, and flowchart enthusiast who works as an IT Manager in the education sector. Because variety is the spice of life, she is also a pharmacist, massage therapist, novelist, and expert in starting your career over every few years.

Her pastimes include reading cookbooks, bullet journaling, cross-country road trips, and offering advice to anyone in her general vicinity. A self-described bossy pants, there is literally nothing she doesn’t want to be in charge of (look out for her future presidential campaign).

She lives in California with her husband and pet robot.

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25 Interesting and Creative Marriage proposal ideas

30 Fun Marriage Proposal Ideas

Sweaty palms, heart racing, thinking about all the ways it could go wrong, and the fear of rejection: welcome to the marriage proposal. Perhaps the most nerve-racking experience of any guy is the marriage proposal. If you are here for some ideas on pulling off the perfect proposal, don’t worry, no one has to know that you got help. After all, the execution is all on you. Good luck!

This simple marriage proposal is intimate and unique to you and your special someone. Choose your favorite place, whether it’s your first date at a restaurant which became a relationship tradition, or your favorite spot at the park to chill and relax.

Once you arrive, casually ask a passerby (or paid actor) to take your photo, but instead of posing for the picture, you drop down on one knee and take the plunge. This proposal is spontaneous yet subtle because your partner will not expect it. You get to capture the pleasant surprise as well.

Take a trip to the beach. Keep your partner occupied, and while she’s distracted, build a sand castle (to the best of your efforts). You can also opt to build it together then while she’s not looking, you stick the ring at the top spot. If you’ve got time, you can carve out “Will you marry me” on the sand.

Choose the room, spell out your proposal on the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stickers. Your partner will not notice the impending proposal so imagine the surprise when you lay on the bed with the lights off.

This is a classic proposal that could be done at the airport as you pick up your partner or any other scenario that fits, getting your family and friends to wait outside her office for the surprise. You can get them to hold one letter each that spells out “Will you marry me?”

Make it seem it’s yet another family dinner but make sure to get everyone else informed about the plan (or not, if you want to surprise everyone). When it’s time for coffee or wine, pop the question!

This is a big feat to take on which could involve you dancing if you dance. Hire a group, or five, and make your special someone feel they are in the middle of a musical as you ask the question. To add a special touch, pick your partner’s favorite song.

If you cook, then this proposal idea is for you. If you don’t cook, then get a bit of help or practice beforehand. This is a very romantic proposal, one that has stood the test of time. Prepare her favorite meal, and you can opt to propose with the ring in the champagne glass. Just make sure she sees it!

If you’ve got a pet lover for a partner, then this is a fool-proof way to get a “yes.” Tie the ring around the collar of a puppy or kitten or her favorite animal that’s feasible to acquire, and you can present both at the same time. Two gifts which she will treasure.

Hopefully, you and your partner are fans of at least one group which you can use to your advantage. Choose a perfect moment to scream “Will you marry me?” If she’s a diva and loves big gestures, then pray the group allows you to propose on stage, or better yet, get them to give you an introduction too!

Take a drive to someplace with a clear view of the skies and stars, or the planetarium will do. As she is looking up, look at her. She will sense you staring, and she’ll look down. This is your cue to get down on one knee and propose.

If you’ve got the budget, you can take it up a notch and get a star dedicated to her as a present for the engagement!

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Take a trip to Italy or your local street artist and arrange a surprise proposal through a drawing. Have him sketch a picture of you two with word bubbles and in yours, it will say, “Will you marry me?” and in hers, “Yes!” She will be surprised, and you get to have a creative memento of the memory.

If your partner is a light sleeper, then you must abort this proposal. The goal is to slip the ring onto her finger while she’s asleep and then wait for her to wake up and pop the question then. This is a raw yet very intimate proposal, bed hair and all.

This idea is not advisable if your partner is especially picky about being caught on camera or unaware without makeup or a proper do although she will get over it when the whole scenario dawns on her.

Plan a game night where you two will stay in and play your favorite games Scrabble. You will sneak in the phrase “Will you marry me?” To avoid any accusations of cheating, get your partner to leave the room for a while by asking her for a favor then scramble to get the pieces together. Have some wine or champagne as well to celebrate.

Get a very long trail of red ribbon and tie it across one spot in your house to another. Use the ribbon to attach little notes about all your memories together. Your partner will have a starting point and read her way to the end where you are located with the ring in hand.

Get her co-workers to help you schedule a last-minute meeting at the end of her day. She’ll go to the designated meeting room and find you with flowers, kneeling and holding a ring.

Go all out and subscribe to a full-page ad in a newspaper. Just make sure that newspapers are a thing between you and your partner because your forcing her to suddenly read one will make her suspicious.

During your traditional reading-relaxing time, she will stumble upon the proposal, and when she looks at you questioningly, you’re ready with the ring.

Another twist to this proposal idea is to call into a radio station and make sure she’s tuned in when you propose live.

This is an adorable proposal which will be done as the shutters start to click. You pull out the ring, you ask, she is shocked, she says yes, and you put on the ring. All caught on camera.

To add an extra flare, get your family and friends readily waiting outside to share in the celebration.

This unique marriage proposal is a keeper. Have a custom jigsaw puzzle made with your picture in it and the particular words written across the puzzle. You can incorporate this into your game night plan. When the puzzle is completed, that’s your cue to propose in real-life.

For the musicians out there, you can create a proposal song which you can sneak into her go-to playlist. This is a nice way to propose because it’s an extended version of why you want to marry her.

Another popular proposal today are those done live. You can set up a live-stream channel and have all your friends and family attend and watch the proposal. This is a technique in beating location because it can be done from anywhere.

Being married before and thinking about proposing once more to your current partner does not mean you aren’t given the opportunity to make it special once more.

Although, those who are proposing the second time around typically prefer a more simple approach.

A second marriage implies that you and your partner are a little older now; hence the ring purchasing can be done differently.

You can still plan a proposal but give her the chance to choose the ring when you buy it together.

Chances are, you and your partner are spending some time over at each other’s’ places by now so a simple surprise hiding the ring (with the box) in her cereal box for her to stumble on would be a nice way of popping the question. Just make sure that she puts cereal in the bowl first before milk.

For this idea, the proposal will be done via a sticky note left at a random place in the house that she often visits, the coffee machine. Stick it on at night after she’s gone to bed, so she sees the surprise first thing in the morning. Make sure to be there to personally ask the question when she sees the note.

A second marriage sometimes means that there are kids involved and you would want to propose with everyone present. If your relationship with the kids is smooth-sailing, then you can get the kids included in the proposal as well. Whether it’s through a family dinner, a day at the park, you can customize the proposal according to what your partner will appreciate.

As she comes home from the supermarket, when she arrives at school to pick up the kids, or when at the salon getting her hair done, you can propose at any random moment which will catch her off-guard, and she will love you even more for it.

Amidst all the ideas mentioned above, do remember that the proposal is yours and you should do what works for you and what your partner will enjoy. You can mix and match any of the above or create a new one from scratch, as long as it gets you to where you hope to be, and that being an engaged man.

Pro tip: make sure you hire a photographer or videographer to capture one of the most special moments of your life. The footage can be shown on your wedding day, and you can always go back to it throughout your marriage for a little walk down memory lane.

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